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Cases are on the rise in 11 states. Many communities seeing an uptick as students return to college campuses and schools at Arizona State University. The positive infection rate has been increasing since the start of the semester. Latest outbreak has forced hundreds of students toe isolate both on and off campus. This s U sophomore tested positive She's on day six of quarantine along with her sorority. It felt inevitable, almost like a living just with really girls in one house, using the same appliances like the same like community bathroom, so health experts warning Americans to maintain social distancing measures this Labour Day weekend, including with family And today, the Congressional Budget Office issued a report which indicates that the federal budget deficit is projected to hit a record $3.3 trillion due to Corona virus costs in the recession has more than tripled the 2019 shortfall. This is ABC News in Paris. The tri allover The 2015 attack on the magazine Charlie Hebdo is now underway. Former French President Francois Hollande recalling the traumatic and deadly attacks, describing them as attacks against France, Speaking in a radio interview, he says his decision to send in security forces to the location where the Attackers were holed up, was one of the most weighty of his presidency. Those now on trial and Frances terrorism court. Accused of buying weapons cars and helping with logistics. The trial is expected to last four months. Tom Rivers, ABC News of the Foreign desk, and if you're near Chicago, it may look like some smart phones. They're growing on trees. Devices have been seen hanging from greenery around Amazon delivery stations. Contract drivers are apparently hanging the phones to get a jump on their colleagues to get more routes and more money. They think the phones in the trees with their own phones, making it look like they're closer than they really are. Mark Ram, a large ABC news message and data rates may apply. Have you.

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