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I don't know if people pick up on that in that book it's a very for me in the sense that i think is allegri for a loss stuff and the story so i wrote about a woman who charcos may seem winnie's eight months old and then you know she didn't she never sees him again and twenty years later he turns up on a two step and i says i'm your son she doesn't know wherever he is or he isn't a kid playing a game and stuff but these guys tons and he's like she's a middleclass black woman very middle claws she's got money in the family from the caribbean and wherever she's always been rich rich husband after this happened but he comes back like a kid from the ends i really force she was white yeah no she's not what went on the cover the cover does make people think that she's supposed to be why positioning yeah she's she's she's not and so she's a very light skinned black woman and that stuff kind of comes into play with clouds and yeah it's just it's just i used as an allegory for what's happening to our young people yeah on and how we feel that this can disconnect from kids basically they come from us you know and it's not a racial finger anything just about all kids generation that's underneath the ones we're supposed to be bringing up a nurturing and i shouldn't be to consider his way they shouldn't be dashing things complicate agent i mean it's like what is going on on so i was using him as a representation of all kids you know and she was a representation of society and so that's why it was really about but i finished it in july i think twenty seven and then in august the riots happened yeah and i sat down and the put with don and i sat and i was like i can't sell this book.

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