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To figure out side of the box could start to get close to maximising what is going to become more of the norm because the way that football brings guys up to the lead now is a really going to change there's not a lot of impetus the change so it's army nfl in these coaches that are paid to sit around all offseason every year and try and figure out new ways to beat other teams new ways to beat opposing defense through what we said about defensive coordinators when the read option made its debut in the nfl as these coordinators are going to sit around all year and figure out how to stop this well now in this day and age will you know you're getting quarterbacks that are going to be coming for more spread systems than pro systems that are going to have certain traits that exist more readily of the others now it's on offense of coaches an offense of minds the nfl to adjust in the same way and say how do we make sure that we put these guys with these extraordinary gifts in the best position to succeed hope i've just been handed an urgent horrifying news bulletin from la alley alley what do you got for us you know that great feeling you had when he got the races egg this morning dose tremendous it's it's probably the only thing that's been get me through the show so far there are two boxes the dow out in holly oh god did oh guys beautiful bonus third one guy that's nice i'm not gonna lie my eyes wander during the segment i thought i saw something in dad's hands when he walked in the building i thought is that little glimmer of hope now that glimmers turned into realize doughnuts look what jesus did eight eight eight seven to nine three seven seven six coming up next the rockets continue their streak it is the broad james somehow maybe not back for definitely better than ever that's next first alas on espn radio rockets beat the bucks wednesday night putting their win streak at seventeen the longest of the season are they quipped to set a franchise record a twenty two straight jalen rose reacts with golden wego thursday six eastern espn radio espn too.

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