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Why I'm doing it. That's why I do it. I do, because I'm sharp. That's what you do. Thank you. Thank you, thank you. I've never spoken to you back. That'd be pretty cool, but I haven't. Maybe we can make that happen. Let's do it. So you and jel, anyway, who are some of the, what I'm getting at is this. Now, from my angle, I was looking at the Zika virus in 2016 in Miami. Yeah. And from there, I'm starting to look at some of these other people like tenpenny. Yes. So she's a friend of mine. All these people are friends of mine. I feel like I've been in this fight. Since the beginning. Yeah. So I know sherri tenpenny, I know doctor Judy mikovits and Dell big tree and Andy Wakefield and Bobby Kennedy. Yeah. That's my crew. Those are your people. Here's your people Shannon. What for listeners and you're in your view. What is really happening here? Why and how Shannon? Why and how are we seeing a basic meshing and an attempted control of the political arena through the medical field? Why is that happening? It's all money. It's all based on money. It's all funding and money, big pharma and who gets the most money and sell our product to think about it, right? So if you vaccinate everyone and they have some kind of an injury or it could be even a cancer, so much so many of the ingredients in the vaccines are carcinogenic. Neurotoxic, so even if you don't see a reaction right away, look, America right now, we're like super unhealthy. So many people who have ticks, seizure disorders, ADH. I don't know where I left off at crochet. You're saying it doesn't have an injection. I'm talking about saying that, you know, we start off on day one of life, being injected. The country's sick. The CDC recommends that the hepatitis B vaccine for babies on day one. Hepatitis B is a sexually transmitted disease, or you can get it from sharing needles with drugs. I don't know a single one year old one day old baby. That's during either of those. Yeah, exactly. But the CDC requires and recommends that children on day one get hepatitis B vaccine. Then, you know, at their monthly, the next visit, they get a series of other. They get the D town vaccine and a couple others. The hib vaccine, then a couple months later, they get another round of ejections. A couple months later, they get another round of injections. By one years old, then they need to get like the MMR shot. And the chickenpox shot. So we're constantly injecting toxins into a baby that doesn't even have hasn't even built their immune system. Yeah, sure. So what we're doing is we are creating people who will ultimately then need medications. So it's this vicious cycle of dependency. Dependency of medicines and doctors and the need for pharma, the need for pharmaceuticals. It's the perfect money making scale. So Shannon let's insert this. Let me ask, let me ask a question. How does this you mentioned you mentioned Bill Gates, right? So you're saying this, the senator can is even more adamant about everybody being injected even Bill Gates. I mean, he hasn't said that everybody on the planet needs to be enjoyed. So how in your view? How in your view does technology as we know it today? How does that and I'm not talking about I'm not talking about the pharmaceutical health you received this injection and that's going to help you because it's a technically a vaccine, but and we know that this COVID-19 is not even in the vaccine. It's an inoculation, but if we take, if we take people like Bill Gates, that is such a such a superhero to humanity and he's donated all of his money to, you know, healthcare excuse because he cares about cares about all of us Shannon. He cares about our health, which is total BS, right? But he cares about his money. Right. He cares about his bank account and he cares about his control. And so depopulation. What do you mean by that? What are you talking about? What are you talking about? Well, I mean, isn't that the ultimate goal of all this? I don't like evildoers. Is that goodness? Okay. You went there. You better run with that. You better run with you. Well, I mean, it makes the most sense. There's actually clips. Useless feeders? Right. Useless consumers. I mean, look it. The Gates Foundation, there's a video I've watched video of Melinda Gates going into like, they're always doing humanitarian work in Africa, right? Sure. Supposedly, right, right? Air quotes. Humanitarian work, air quotes. So they're going to Africa and they have crypto Microsoft cryptocurrency patent. Are you going with that? No. Okay. Yeah. They have found, you know, they've injected their vaccines into the population. To these innocent women. African women to children, but to women where they have found that people, scientists or officers have found that there is an ingredient in some of the polio vaccines and stuff that are given to these women to cause them to not be fertile anymore. So it's obvious that one of the goals is depopulation. The planet is, according to them, the planet is too crowded. And we're losing, you know, there's not enough food to be the planet. I don't know. I mean, I don't know, I just know that I just know that it's whatever it is that they're doing. But there is a deep population agenda. I believe so. I believe so. I mean, look at, look at what we did with COVID, right? I mean, how many people were put into a hospital and then so mistreated and then died? Unnecessarily. There are so many people who are unnecessarily died. Look, I'm not one of those people that doesn't believe COVID exists. I think COVID does exist. I.

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