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In in the form of scorched buildings and homes in northern california i'm lee sylla sarah fox news seventeen wildfire some of them and wine country leaving at least fifteen people dead the fire spread over the weekend when strong winds picked off can only imagine the panic when the flames roared through in the middle of the night sunday night people grab adding their children and pets and anything else they could and just jumping in the car to get out fast and now a day later wondering what if anything is left and i can tell you as you look at the charred wreckage of cars and homes there is nothing left here utility crews are working now to fix down phone lines down gas in transmission lines working as fast as possible because until the power is restored residents will not be allowed to come back in and thousands of people remain evacuated tonight fox colonia cowan president trump already signing off on a federal disaster declaration paving the way for money to get to the victims more of disgrace hollywood producer harvey weinstein friends turning against him foxes to you rappaport has more live we so they took weinstein's campaign contributions but won't take his behavior hillary clinton saying she was shocked and appalled by the revelations former president obama and michelle obama saying any men who demeans and degrades women in such fashion needs to be condemned an held accountable regardless of wealth or status a new yorker magazine article published today accuses weinstein of rape three women a representative for the disgraced producer denies the allegations weinstein was fired from his own production company after the new york times reported he paid off sexual harassment accusers for decades lisa steve this leader the leader of mgm resorts international says the company is heartbroken after a gunman opened fire on crowd of concert goers gathered in one of its venues in law vegas ceo jim murray on on tuesday made his first public appearance since the shooting he says the company is.

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