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And that's a major concern with Texas Motor Speedway. Given the clientele that likes to follow NASCAR. And the client clientele that likes to go deer owning towards is one of those. And they Eddie Gossage at Texas Motor Speedway would try and do as best as scheduled races around either before or after the weekend, we acting it's been on the opening weekend. Far too many times that I can remember I don't think he can really get. I mean, it's not up to Eddie. It's up to NASCAR for the. Schedule. So it just happens to always fall on the opening of hunting season talking about the NASCAR Texas race. But we just got off the phone with NHRA top fuel world champs. Steve tours who was talking about hunting in Texas statman, you'd hop in your Ford, raptor and go out into piney woods of east Texas and blast away at a few. Dear put them up on that rapper and you back in the infield at Texas Motor Speedway and have a big old venison chili fast for all your compadres at the Texas Motor Speedway race. How did you get away with that? Well, this time I took my smart car and put the deer on top of the smart car and bought it back that way, it was pretty difficult though, 'cause the deer who was bigger than the car and. Kind of blocked the view that would be the greatest visual in the history of mankind. Twelve pointer on top of a smart card. Man in there with. This camouflage. Right. Fluorescent orange. Pull into infield at Texas Motor Speedway with gun sticking out of every orifice. Get far that get up get through the gate. What did one last car truck drivers say I'm waiting for something to move? So I can blast. We had a NASCAR truck pilot winner on the show ten twelve years ago. And it was it was late Sunday night. And he said he was sitting out of the patio with his twenty two or something. I'm sitting out here. Does waiver moves wagging blasted? Chad. It was. Here's.

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