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Resurrected day. Yeah, well, Washington Post film critic Ann Hornaday joins us on Skype to talk more about it. Good to have you back hands. Thank you so much. It's good to be back, Shawn. You know, I do want to refer people to your review of this documentary, because it really truly explains the depth involved Hiss. You say, though, that the movie veers toward distasteful, but then quickly turns away to reveal something unexpected and quite lovely. What makes this film so much different than those of the same genre? Oh, this is come. This is almost a genre unto itself. It's just been brilliantly conceived and executed by Kirsten Johnson. Who as the synopsis that little clip explained, learns that her father, who's in his eighties, is starting to lose his memory. She's already lost her mother to dementia. She knows what is coming. And in order to cope with the inevitable loss, not just his death, but really that slow loss that could happen when people start to disappear into dementia. She puts him through these really strange paces of rehearsing his death in these kind of comical. Fake accidents that she choreographs. She does dream sequences about what heaven might look like. They're their other set pieces that I don't want to spoil all the way along your kind of wind thing and thinking is this hurtful? Is this helpful? But clearly this is an act of love. And it's an act of love not only from her to her dad, but From him to her because he's really enthusiastic about cooperating. He's a psychiatrist. I think he understands processing emotions and and how we do that, and the films sort of ultimate scene that the climax Really kind of toes that knife edge in a way that ends incredibly surprisingly, I really don't want to spoil the ending here. You think it's going to go one direction, but it will surprise you in delightful ways. That's beautiful. Thanks so much and happy weekend. Thanks to both of you. Thanks. That's Washington Post film critic and Hornet will check sports Next at our CNN. Our business is all about supporting your business. We invest millions in our fiber optic network to provide industry leading telecom services for faster, more reliable ways to stay connected In a world where change is constant. You can rely on our see end to build custom and scalable.

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