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Team traffic center emergency road construction on I four westbound just after Conroy road, two right lanes are blocked there. Due to a large pothole. You've got delays all the way back to the four eight and that's going to take about thirty four minutes. Six zero eight westbound over to Kirkman road southbound as your alternate. I'm Ed Torrence, news ninety six point five WDBO. This is news ninety six point five WDBO for back everybody. Thanks so much for listening. If you saw that press conference yesterday, I was looking forward to seeing the presser. Because he out Sarah Sanders is going to handle it why she decided to do it because you know, after thirty five day shutdown which moats playing the president. I didn't know why she was doing it. Then I realize this was much more serious. I realized that we're talking about taking very serious operation aggressive stance on Madero, the current leader illegitimate leader of Venezuela. And that's when I realized that something that definitely resonates with people Florida and with this country joining us, our Senator, Rick Scott, Senator Scott, welcome to the Brian Kilmeade show for the first time as Senator. I know Brian. It's great. It's great to be on. And I'm glad that the president is taken Venezuela seriously and that with him on Tuesday with Marco Rubio. And Mario Diaz Balart asked him to record is one Guido at the interim leader and met with them and talk to talk to him both on Friday about this. Thanks on oil. And I think it's great what he did today. We got to do everything we can put pressure on the door right now to step aside. I spoke to new president one Guido yesterday. And he's very appreciative. And I said just continue to reach out and make sure I know anything I can do to be helpful to make sure Madero steps aside. We get democracy and freedom back in Venezuela. Not only that get Russia. China and Cuba out. Would that be great? We need to let the people of Venezuela pick the leadership they want instead of a dictatorship, you know, supported by Russia and Cuba and in China. And so I'm glad that we're we've made the progress we've made but the best day will be when the drill steps aside. So the pressure needs to stay on. Absolutely. So you come in. There was a delay with your election. And then we get you finally get there. And then there's a shutdown after thirty five days, you're ready to go. We'll committees yarn. I'm on armed services this morning. I was out that mean with marines and the commerce omen security eighteen budget. We were I was a significant support of the military as governor of Florida. I turned in the navy get served in the army, and I want to make sure we have the strongest most effective most lethal military in the world. Are you convinced that the money's there to do that? Because these e part was getting the money. The hartland. Now, you gotta use it. Right. Well, it's governor you gotta get a return on all your dollars. You got to know why you're doing it. You gotta have a purpose for every dollar. So one thing I talked to him about the impact on June right now that got hit by a hurricane this year. Just like kindled it down in my state, and we've got to continue to rebuild these bases to make sure they can go. Their missions goal is you've got to be able to figure mission. And I want Americans to stay safe. And we have to have a strong military to do that. So the in the back of your mind, and you're going to keep an eye on what those seventeen people are going to be discussing over the next three weeks. I wasn't heartened to hear this from the Harris yesterday cut twelve. I'm not going to vote for a while under any circumstances, and I do support border security, and if we wanna talk about that, let's do that. And let's talk about what really accomplishes border security, so. Ingenuous you have border security is you've gotta have barriers you have to have technology at you have to have people have to do all those things for them. Sit there and say, oh, you know, a wall or sensor barriers immoral. That's wrong. If you look at if you look at this country, we want safety. I always said that the governor I have three jobs give people a job. Good education. Key people say we have to have border security. So I'm very disappointed with the Democrats are doing they're they're they're they're not focused on on borders. Off with this shutdown. Said oh, no wall. We need tournaments. Needs to be gone because she's not representing Americans thing is Senator skied. If anyone knows your story yourself made success story. No one would outworked you as a governor. And now, I imagine it Senate. I think you've got to set the pace as well. Just my hunch, if your resume means anything how disturbed or you this push to the left for Democrats where any country that has a billionaire. It's basically immoral and those who make over ten million dollars should be tax seventy percent member. The whole American dream doesn't matter where you from you have an opportunity to be successful. No, one handed you anything. Now, all of a sudden. Yeah. Right. That's why I grew up in public housing. I never met my dad, but I grew up in the country, go build businesses. I can be anything when people go build businesses. Guess what? People get jobs as governor. I was very focused on making sure my state was the best for jobs, we had at one point seven million jobs. So these people believe in socialism. Here's what here's the problem with socialism Venezuela. Okay. Where you're rich. Poor is struggling to get food water medicine for your child having a new child born in Venezuela, and you can't get the right medicine to keep them alive. That's what's going on every day. So these Democrats that are sitting here socialism. Down there. That's what it's like find out why they're all going to Columbia anyplace. They can get to where they can have prosperity, and they can take care of their families. Here is Howard Schultz similar story, yet democrat cut twenty three. I'm self made as he said, I I came from the projects and took advantage of the promise of the country. I'm living proof of the American dream and the expiration magnetism and the opportunities that were presented to me. I think there is a problem that she has identified. But I think the way she's going about it. Unfortunately, she's a little bit misinformed. I think you're both to hunt highly right yet, you believe different things, right? Well, right. You've gotta live the dream of this country. I want everybody always told everybody I want every child in Florida at the same chance. I had I want my grandkids have that same shot. Socialism does not give people a shot to live the dream. Socialism lived in you end up in despair for everybody. It's it's everybody's treated equal badly. And so I want people to have a shot at the dream. You do that by giving businesses the opportunity to prosper, lower taxes, less regulation. And the. We're milking pot. I've got two hundred and fifty languages spoken in my state, and guess what jobless rate that fifty percent faster than the rest of the country. Why is that we have better opportunity employed in many places? We we had a thirty five percent increase in her GP while I in eight years governor because we wanted businesses to succeed. That's it. Give people an opportunity don't pave their way just an opportunity. Senator Rick Scott. Thanks so much. Yeah. That's all Senator Scott look forward to talking to you a lot over the next six years. Brian. You got one eight six six eight seven six six nine Afghanistan. The war coming to an end. I'll give you.

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