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Okay a ability red sacked love your podcast love episode family can't wait for season 3 i wanted your advice on something here's the story i got married about a year ago and me and my lovely wife moved to la right after the wedding because she had a great job opportunity she had lived in la a few years ago prior to meeting me and when she was living here she had a fling with some do xiv private fitness trainer both of them viewed marriages a stupid concept and they made a pact that when they'll get married to other people dade meet up and fuck i don't believe a fucking word of this i don't believe a fucking more to this is too stupid they made a pack when when they'll get married to other people dade meet up at fuck minute definitely sounds like an la conversation in a gym i'll continue reading so as soon as she changed her relationship style status to married on facebook that guy center a bunch of messages which were sexual and pretty much offend oh offered to take her up on the agreement in fuck she didn't respond but she did tell me about it but i didn't lose my shit in remained calm in the last few weeks she told me she's looking for a way to get in shape and she said that the do shit offered her private workout sessions in exchange for help and his business she's an account.

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