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Seven sixty WJR Detroit Partly, sunny eighty one. Degrees good afternoon I'm Ken Rogulski WJR news the man who ran former McComb. County public works Commissioner. Anthony Morocco's failed reelection bid has been indicted in. A widening probe of corruption at metropolitan, airport Angelo dealer Sandro fifty four was charged with failing to report a felony, he's accused of knowing about wire fraud but failing. To tell investigators de LA Sandra was charged. With a criminal information which means a plea deal. Is in the works the sentence carries a three year prison, term Anthony Morocco has not been charged with a crime the family of a music legend is asking for our prayers the friends and family. Of the Queen. Of soul have gathered at her bedside sources confirm to WJR news. Aretha Franklin is in grave condition in recent years. The seventy six year old Franklin has battled several serious health problems she said she'd be. Retiring from concerts in seventeen she last performed in, November of twenty seven Eighteen she was born in Memphis Tennessee in nineteen forty two. Relocated to Detroit before she was five years old. At eighteen. She was signed to Columbia. Records Marie Osborne WJR news he was a nice agent, whose job, it. Was to enforce the nation's immigration laws he used to be sentenced today in. Detroit federal court for. Doing just the opposite WJR's gene Fogel explains prosecutors. Say forty nine year Clifton divers actually, used his job to help immigrants avoid deportation they say he teamed up with, Birmingham attorney Charles bussey to charge immigrants thousands of. Dollars to stay in the country they would. Take the money then falsely claimed the immigrants were. Working as undercover informants which made them eligible to remain in, the US but she is currently serving a three year prison term divers plead guilty to bribery and conspiracy, charges facing over four years in. Prison gene Fogel. WJR news officials are still trying to figure out how an airline. Worker was able to take a small commercial jet. For an acrobatic joyride Jim Rupe has more For, the first question is how was twenty nine year old Richard Russell. Able to push back a horizon q. four hundred. Twin prop airplane get off, the tractor into the, cockpit taxi down the runway and take off apparently without anyone trying. To stop him we will get, to the bottom of. FBI special agent in charge Jay tap but along with us acuity concerns is the. Amazement of how Russell who didn't have a pilot's license was able to fly the aircraft. Says horizon air president, Gary back and perform what. He called incredible stunts commercial aircraft are complex machine during. His one hour flight over Puget Sound he performed several maneuvers including a barrel roll before crashing onto catch on island. I'm Jim Roope President Trump. Often questioned why he will still working at the FBI, and on Twitter is applauding that special agent known. For sending derogatory text messages about then candidate Donald Trump. Has been fired Bob Costantini with the announcement and the background work came from. Peter Struck attorney who called the firing outside normal bureau standards especially since there was a recommendation struck be suspended for sixty days a deputy director made. The call though firing Struck, for sending text messages on his work, phone about how alarming at, Trump presidency would be struck worked on the Hilary Clinton Email investigation a fact that made him a frequent target of. President Trump's Twitter and congressional Republicans spoken ir special counsel Robert Muller removed struck. From his Russia investigation, after learning of the tax the fired special agent spent ten hours in front of a house hearing in June, peppered by Republicans over, the tax and their beliefs he was favorable to Clinton Bob Costantini Washington Tesla's stock price continues to show some volatility today. Founder Elon Musk clarified what he meant when he wrote on Twitter last week. That he would like to have the company go private Steve Kastenbaum has details in a blog post musk explained how he wasn't making things up nor was he trying to manipulate. Tesla's stock price he wrote that last week's tweet about, taking the company private was based upon ongoing conversations with the Saudi Arabian sovereign wealth fund musk, said that he left the recent meeting with the Saudis with no. Question that a deal to take the company Private could be, closed the, securities and Exchange, Commission is looking into whether Musk's tweet violated a rule, that prohibits publicly traded companies from announcing plans to buy or sell securities if they can't follow through or if they are manipulating their. Stock prices Steve Kastenbaum New. York traffic, and weather, next WJR news time four center for neurological,.

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