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There's going to be some attention on this crew monday night football. Yeah but i think that we have cleaned up the penalties so much. I'm just not even we're talking about that. Yeah now so. I mean if you're getting like three or four game for like thirty forty yards. I don't even care about that. i'm not worried about us getting penalties. I'm worried about them. Holding in that getting called they will do that. Does offensive line in these tight ends will hold if you g- if you beat them. They were grabbing it. So you know we got this draft crew coming in and doesn't call any holiday and we got a team we're going up against that will hold if you beat them so that could be disastrous now. I'm just. I'm not worried about it. I'm not worried about either excited about it. I now into we're we're gonna be rea- rebrand our names. We screwed up so bad on prime time. The past couple of times people are going to be watching this game ago. Okay all right. Yeah dem shannon because we have played some really good games and they have been agreed by game was really good. Good gay beat the mess. Up people. fifteen people watched it. Actually the gosh. I want to say the green bay tampa bay game one of the highest watch. Football games ever crazy fact. Follow up all right. So what do you think. Give us a prediction. All right my score prediction. I'm going to say thirty. One to twenty four bucks keeps stealing. Maybe you should go first. Thirty one twenty four. Yeah i wanna do gonna do thirty to seventeen thirty one. Seventeen is like a popular score fronts. This year like we had that. At that panthers i take another one and did you know our score. What was it forty. Forty six hundred twenty. Three six twenty three has never happened in. Nfl so crazy. That's that that that is a record right there. Some that's never had enough because everything has happened in china. it seems like all right. Let me go through injury. Report the news. That's what i was getting to that. Wraps up our preview for the rams game but now okay you got injury. yeah. I got injury. Report so The rams the rams have put out a thursday or friday injury report. And i don't know this is part of the nasdaq man. But they had a three practice squad players get put on the covid list and wednesday. They had to shut down practice while they learn about tuesday night wednesday. They did everything virtual. Maybe that's why they don't have the injury report but it seems like every every team we know. That's what i'm saying. We're something going on here. Another deflate gate. Its covid gate. Brady second people were working with the cc pain the injury report for the bucks. Is al although there practicing like right now so. We don't have one friday. Mike edwards headache quad injury. He was limited thursday. Chris godwin with the finger he was a full participant on thursday. Ten hudson ms practice. I won't get to this. It's part of our new segment is not injury. Related alley is back to practice after the being in the concussion protocol. So we're happy to see him back. Hopefully we'll have him on monday. Scotty miller has the hip and groin injury. He was a full participant on thursday. Shaun murphy benzene has a groin injury. He was a full participant on thursday. And jp has a knee injury. He was limited on thursday. And then the rams they have their offensive lineman. Brian allen has a knee injury. He was limited wednesday and then aaron. Donald injury related did not practice on wednesday. That reminds we totally did. Not talk about their defense. Aaron donald will. We played them last year. He takes two guys minimum we. We triple teamed him l. really last time we played it. If you don't remember last year we beat the mess out of it was like a forty fifty point. They have a new defensive coordinator this year. They're playing a different style offense and they're just meshing together. We're well leonard. Floyd their one of their linebackers. He's really good. But we're or have to really watch out for that air. Of course but like i said we triple team to him last year. Alive crazy well. i'm in to have. I mean he didn't right yet. We shut him in sound. But they've got plenty of playmakers on that side. Like i said jalen ramsey over there on the new strong safety jordan fuller. He's pretty decent like kaiser. Michael brockers ninety. So offense. Allies is going to have a handful. But i i really think that brady like you said he's. He's very effective against top rated defense. I think he's going to pick apart and being in the afc. He had to face the bills defense which they've had some good defenses at pittsburgh regularly the ravens regularly. So he's no stranger to could defenses the ran's assigned matt and gay this week was i'm like did they do that on preventative. Zilly to the probably gonna have be a captain. Come up during the era. well okay. So their regular kicker war bath went. On i are at but apparently they're holding a one day kicking competition between matt and their practice squad. Kicker austin mcginnis tomorrow so saturday also there might not be they might. He might not be there kicker. I looked on their roster to see and he doesn't even have a number assigned yet so he may.

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