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We'll have an entirely different postseason format it This is the hardest year to predict anything. But the preseason predictions trade that mine post season this year. Every and any predictions to be taken with a grain of salt this year. Kyle. How does that that best of three to start out? How does that change the dynamic off the posies and how to managers have to take that into account with their pitching? You need more. I mean, anytime you're adding an extra round. You know, a lot of times we see teams, you know, get by with it for medications. A lot of times. You really only have three guys in the fourth guy. You hope to get to know the best from Teams need a stable for start of this year and and probably even 1/5 start because you have that extra round. It's more games. It's going to be even more important than ever had a true No good number four starter and have that number five starter death to get through the post season this year compared to previous years. By watching the games and you're at your baseball nut. They they call people like you seem heads, right? I mean, you've heard that before, So you watch a lot of baseball over the years does this season look any different to outside of the fact that there are no fans outside of some of the gimmicks like the seventh inning doubleheaders other than that? Is the baseball being played? Look like the baseball from any other year. Increasingly at the beginning of the year. It's not, which is completely understandable. Given players only had a three week build up during summer camp compared to normal six week build up Get in spring training. There are a lot more errors. They're a lot more hittable pitches being mess. They're a lot more relievers stronger with their control that the shark missing normally see from Major League baseball players was not there for the first three weeks of season or so. But after that, I mean that that additional reaches the period of okay, well, now's a normal six week build up and we started seeing it get better get more crisp and I do feel like recently. Yes, we are seeing increasingly resemble the baseball were used to seeing at this level. I who so far at the halfway point has surprised you, the most in terms of teams and their success or just how bad they've been. I'm a success perspective. I think you look at Miami. I mean, this was a team that you know they did some good things. It's all season. Bringing Jesus Eigil are NPR. Corey Dickerson, Francisco Cervelli, These air good players may we're going to be better. I had a sneaky, good young rotation, though. All people weren't talking about so I thought they would take a step forward, but for them to go through what they did with the covert outbreak in losing so many key players, especially on the pitching staff. Still come out of it. You know, 14 and 14. I mean today, not only earlier today in the post season with a 16. I mean, this has been a competitive team. I think that's been the biggest surprise on the plus side. And on the downside, I think you have to look at the Angels. You know, they made additions, starting pitching and Dylan Bundy has looked up to it. But you know the pitching injuries that that always seem to hit this team's Shohei Otani get hurt, unable to pitch again. Bullpen was a mess early again. Angels. They were never going to be, you know, top top team in the American League, but you figured they should be able to hang around. 500 should have gotten into a postseason feel that was expanded. Instead, he had the second worst record in the American League, and that's something I don't think anyone saw coming. Kyle Glaser with some terrific perspective. Join us on the hotline. We won't get into his lengthened profile. I don't know, but it might have missed it. Last time we were talking about Lincoln profiles on how silly they are, but we get to that. I'm curious. The what I think could be a really interesting story line. Going forward. Is the Houston Astros, and I know everyone's rooting against them outside of Houston. We all understand why this was supposed to be the revenge tour before everybody else in the bigs. Everyone was going You don't take their shots at them. You know guys were getting plunked like crazy, But here they are 1914 with a lot of their guys still struggling at the plate, starting to get past those issues. They've been a little bit better over the last 10 games. Could I make the argument that the Astros baseball needs them in the playoffs because it's must watch because so many people be rooting against them? I haven't paid to say no need. I mean again, if the doctors or steam Roland, and if you know the Dodgers and Yankees made up in the world serious they fall doesn't need much more than that. I mean, you look at you know, Cleveland pitching versus you know, Chicago back in the White Sox. That's a postseason match. The central rival that's going to do really well. I hesitate to say needs but No. The Astro lineup has a lot of standout players that are among the best in baseball. It's always good to get the best players on baseball's biggest stage in the postseason. You know, they're pitching that they've had some young guys really step up in light of injuries and free agent affection. You know that Frankie has has been his normal self has an excellent picture, but Framer. Valdez is a young guy in the rotation and seems so many guys make their debuts out of the bowl. Hadn't after some rocky initial outings really settle in. So look. I mean, I think you look at the Castro Is this one of the eight best teams in the American League? Yes, absolutely. And you're always better off with a post season with the best things in it, So I I just know I just started cut you off. I just know that when I was younger, and it was the Yankees battling every single year during the Bernie Williams and Derek Cheater days that I went out of my way to watch every playoff game they were involved in because I was rooting against them. I also same way for the Red Sox. I think the ratings go up with the Astros in the post. He's now you don't want to win the world Series of your baseball, do you? I mean that that would look really bad for the sport. People are going to say, why weren't they punished? Why are they even allowed? To compete this year. You've seen what they've done with some of the the coaches and the managers have been evolved. I just think it's must watch if they're in there. There's no question it would be a very, very intriguing story line and again. I think we're in for an exciting post season. Regardless, and there's no question there will be increased interest if that happened. Right so far halfway through the year. I know it's crazy to think about MBPs at Cy Young Awards after just 30 games. I mean, that would be insanity for anybody to do on article about that in a normal year, But as we know, very abnormal year who would be some of your Some your consideration for those awards. I mean, you look at Fernando Tattoos Junior the Padres. I mean, a potential VP. He's been just a start of stuck, you know, in the American League, you probably know Brandon allow with campus race race with the best record in baseball and has been a big reason for that. I mean, that's that's Those picks right now, But as you mentioned we're talking about 32 35 game samples. Um, and a lot of times these award or Juan at the end of season so they would not be a shock to see you know something crazy happening last week, someone pull ahead but As of right now, those two MBPs I'm curious..

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