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Okay. All right. Let's talk about the heart triad. Okay. So too is the first number in the heart, two three four going to be in the heart triad. Yeah. And to is going to be the number in that triad that the energy is going to come towards you. This is going to be the caring generous, people pleasing and on the negative end of that has. So their basic fear is of being unwanted, or unworthy of being the loved their basic desire is to feel and Instagram to with one wing is actually known as the servant and India Graham to with the three wing, it, actually known as the host or the hostess and I don't really like the whole idea of things someone's the servant. So let's say the companion, I like that a little bit when I think, of two, I immediately think of the people behind the crown, you know, you all you often think of some there's always gonna be that dominant dominant player out front. That's when you think of two who plays derive, there's always going to be someone out front. That is taking. It's basically their shield when I I, I'm gonna give you a spoiler here on who there are two. I'm gonna let you pick if you wanna pick if you wanna do your predictions because the two best examples of twos on survivor are actually people that one survivor with the strategy. So okay, I'll give you a head. Don't make me guess. You tell you, man. They're both blonde. Women. Okay. So, so you're saying it's Natalie white, and Tina Wesson, though. And tina. Oh, yeah. Tina Wesson, literally had loved written Oliver her Bobby she had. Yeah. Definitely. And most of them play the same game where they were kind of the woman behind the crown behind the throne, I think was Natalie shield. I think Coby was tina's. I think that they're genuinely, caring people, I think that these are going to be your people that play that best though. She'll game assuming that they're operating at a high level of health because when to operate at a low level of health, they can be very manipulative and self serving they instill guilt by telling everyone how much they owed them and then they actually try to make people suffer. Yeah, there can be like negative all of these okay? I'm just so curious about how, how do I know you know what I am? I'm just going to hear something that's going to speak to me. Have you read that different types like buy dinner on them? Well, let's go at the end. Maybe I'll, I'll talk about that. How about that? You want me to tell you when we get the one that I think you are. Okay. Yes. Yes. Okay. Okay. All right. And then obviously, you know, disagree, tell me one thing that I do wanna point out for type two the rarest tight, I guess, is actually a male tight, too. So. So I they're just very, very far and wide to try to find one male that I thought was a type two. And I did. And I actually played ten I definitely think Rupert type too, I think ruber they've very kind caring, empathetic warm-hearted generous nunc of individual. And so, yeah, so gay Rupert, you're like the rare form. Yes. Okay. Did you watch Rupert on the amazing race? I did. I did it was so awkward. I sent them good luck tack to the night. They got eliminated like help so bad. I know but I was rooting for them. No. That didn't work out either. Okay. All right. You talking about threes. Yes. So moving along three so type two they're going to be the love seekers type three. These are going to be your image seekers type three are generally going to be attractive, people just because it lends to be when you're a type three because they're typically very selfish erred charming, there business, competent, and energetic. They're very conscious of their image. They are highly conscious of what they look like they're basic fear is being worthless..

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