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It's just so nice to have breaking news on a sunday that i had to start with this story but we have a huge huge bit of news to talk about with amazon what are crazy week they had so let me take a quick break have leo tell you about one of our great sponsors and then we're gonna come back and ask will you be buying an amazon robot for your home excuse me i want to interrupt this fine program hello leo here in japan where i'm very calm and relaxed because i'm not being bugged by t alerts are sponsor today moog soft specializes in reducing it lers giving you just the alerts you need so there's an actionable thing you can do look at this wouldn't you love to be here relaxed enjoying scenery enjoying life it people know how it is when you get those alerts and those tickets and their lighten up your monitor like a christmas tree you're not being productive you just being stressed out only your mortal can analyze is all those alerts and respond all those tickets will good news you can immediately reduce the noise with moog soft m double o g s o f t mooks off day i mc soft ai apps is an algorithm it ops platform that reduces it alerts and tickets by up to ninety nine percent guaranteed imagine that doesn't mean you don't get those tickets doesn't mean you don't get the alerts but you get the ones that count books off say i opt platform integrates with all your existing it tools it's patented technology correlates events this is the the key into actionable work items they call them situations so you focus on the situation on tackling the stuff that matters instead of ping ping ping ping ping let me tell you about one company that uses mooks off day i op seiichi l technologies era global it manage service provider and they build mook soft ai ops into their event management layer right within their award winning drives platform what does that to a well it's helped its clients streamline operational workflows reduce.

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