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The cowboys for the entire upcoming season as his legal process with the nfl plays out bedroom judge in texas friday ruling it ellie did not receive a fair hearing before the appeals officer harold hendry said yes been nfl insider dan glaviano on sports center with doug recouping to understand here we talk about what was negotiated and yet baruch ray rife case in 2014 the regroup decided to overhaul its personal conduct policy particularly after they pretend domestic violence issue donate approach the nfl period said would you like to be a part of this revision of this power nfl crea federal league yes but we'd like to collectively bargain the new crop power he and the anti fell said to the to the union no we don't think that you're going to have to be corrected regard for the union farewell in forget you are you do whatever you want and what criterion court when we feel like a writer being violated natural were happening rhetoric happening here so the nfl p statement said commissioner discipline will continue to be a distraction from our game for one reason because under for orders of refused to collectively bargain a fair and transparent process that exist in other sport the union continues to take the stand that they'd personal conduct coffee admitted to a good should be collectively bargain between the players and the nfl and that the reason the nfl continue to look so bad and kate because they refused to do that dan glaviano espn and phil insider on sports center commissioner roger goodell announced elliott sixgame suspension on august 11th elliott has denied those claims espn nfl nation cowboys reporter todd archer on the.

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