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And Michael Riedel on 7 10, WR. Well, here's the blast from the past now actually lend, you know I'm kind of old enough. I remember. The last of the autumn mats when I was working for the daily News that the old daily News building on 40 seconds across the street, absolutely heard Avenue and goes right across there. 42nd Street. Right, Uh, horn and harder. Wasn't that the automatic it hard it born and harder way We used to call it harder and harder actually back in the story, And, you know, the cleverness of Daily news newspaper. Guys knows no bounds. I'm just trying to get Natalie the chime in somehow, somewhere almost has no interest. No way. She's writing down the time because she's calling HR. And I see her writing the time down right now, anyway, horny and harder was the famous automatics that was there for years. And, of course, the automat has been gone. I think the last one right there on 42nd Street ended up in the early nineties when I was down there, but in Jersey City They're bringing back the automat. I mean, you're listed as a kid. Lend us one of the automat all the time. What was it like? I love the automat. In fact, it was either macaroni and cheese. That was always good and also hot chocolate. But I was fascinated. I was there was always a large woman. I don't know why I was like a matron, You know, in a movie theater sitting up at the change desk. And in front of her. She had, like a million nickels and a zillion dimes. And I found that fascinating to watch her like issuing changed it so people could walk over and get their hot chocolate for a nickel or a dime or whatever was my dad would have lunch virtually daughter about every day. And I think automatic. I'm on my dad saying that the automatic closed down because people would just go in there and sit there. You know, it wasn't like anyone would chase you out. So you go in there and people who smoke cigarettes in there, you know, because you were allowed to and then we just sit all day sitting there smoking and they would never, and so they'd never leave the tables and that kind of cut into the profit margin for the For the automat. Remember, you would go and it was you could get like a chicken pot pie or whatever you wanted mashed potatoes or something. Did you ever go back and she's a hot chocolate? Those were the two of you go to the horny and harder. No, no, I've never been there. You never went doing a lot of Madden your entire well, he's he's been there, but he's never gotten with automatic. That's what he's saying. But remember, like this little But they were like little safety deposit boxes. Remember, you could open him up on deck. Chicken pot pie would be in the walls of the figures. He never knew how long the food was there. But now this'll guy named Bob Bay Dale in Jersey City says This is gonna be fresh food. We tried. Make sure that the food is freshly made.

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