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Go. I don't even know what time the Grammy star Grammys to ask you start tonight on TV. I have no idea. So anyway, so. On channel five we figured that out. TV in here. I know we couldn't find the stupid revolt people. What did you do? Whether I'm looking and I'm looking on walls. I look at Abram. I can't find the rumble in what might be up there on that ledge now. Oh, I don't know. But it doesn't make any difference radio show during the radio show. Okay. What animals do what animals do you find in a monastery? What animals do you find in a monastery? Mondays. Okay here. They have monkeys would probably be a good one k okay? But this one here is Kip monks chipmunks. Okay. Monkeys a good one two good jazz. I think it starts at seven. Oh, okay. I was thinking that the six o'clock they started walking down looking at dresses. I think there's a pre show, but I think like the actual. The red carpet carpet. You know, look to you wearing what not wearing. What was he thinking? Yeah. I don't know. Maybe an hour before it might be on right now. Figure. I don't get into that stuff. Anyway. Okay. Jerry were talking to Jerry, okay. About your infections, and we basically summit up with that. And then we segue into the right? And so the some of her ear thing stop cleaning the ears out, you know, and there's just no more drops. Because it's nature's way of detached defying coming out to orifices. Right. Okay. And so in order to support he talks vacation you have to support the gastrointestinal tract. Right. And so that's where we've got. Fresh factors from springtime probiotics. Official. Colostrum? Yep. And a little bit of apple cider vinegar now the classroom when I went to look for some for mine, you got to pay attention to see that. It's organic. Oh, heck, yeah. Because there's a lot of Colostrum out there in a varies in prices, huge, you know, ten dollars for decides canister, and then, you know, canister half that size smaller is like thirty dollars. But that was organic from grass fed cows, and blah, blah, blah, so. Yeah. Brand GMO's, but the hormones such like that you got to pay attention to that if you can fight Coster, right? And then and then when you go to put something like coconut oil on the ear just pick up a big blob of it in your hand and smear it on their don't sit with a q tip and try to get. The crevices of the years because basically the less you touched that ear the better that mucous membrane is very delicate. Okay. And it does not want you messing with him. And we were talking about how much food should you? Feed your puppies, your five month old Bernie doodles would be Burton's mountain dogs and on a poodle. All right. And so and their minis how big were the mom and dad. The the mom was ninety two or ninety five pounds and the dad I think it's like seventeen seventeen pounds. Maybe ten ten. Well. So I needed a step ladder for that. Can't predict how their Bill it is a mini. I think that's what they're hoping for. But anything can happen. Remember you've got. But it's not a breed. It's a mutt. Basically. Yeah, it's hard to tell really because it could be. But anyway, okay. So then the thing is we were talking about the right? And so then like what you find with puppies. So a lot of times when Pepys really young people feed them, maybe four times a day. If you I get that eight week old puppy, and then maybe three or four months, then you go to three times a day. But typically what you'll find is that they will wean themselves and you find that you're putting breakfast down. And nobody's eating it. Well, guess what they're done with that meal quit offering at yet. They're also to do you feed them in the same room together or how do you feed them? Yeah. I do. Okay. Don't you want to know? Exactly. Who's eating what? And how much okay, so either Fiamme in their kennels or feed one in a laundry room and one in the kitchen, but they don't want. You don't want them to have access to each other's bowls. And so until you can see who ate what when and why. Okay. Okay. And they get used to feeling. Dog once a week, you decide what day of the week? Are you gonna feel sand the dog up and feel them? And so that the don't look don't look at them feel them. Do they feel to Rivi then bump up their food? You know, maybe by eighth of a Cup or but that's saying that the biggest problem that people forget to bump up the food as a puppy grows. He started out with a Cup and a half for a lab, you know, that's eight weeks old and then four months old, and they're still at a company, and no, no, no, no debt and adds some more food there, right? And you know, and they'll go through phases where they're growing faster and they're hungry. And then they'll slow down for a while. And you're like well gosh now, they're leaving food in their dishes. Okay. We'll don't out so much, right? Yep. So just get to know your dogs offer it, but then also don't let them become Piggott me. No, pigs because there are in every breed that will eat everything that eight nail down. And all of a sudden now, you got yourself a Roly poly. You know, we don't want extra weight on that those puppies because in their joys won't see. Oh by the time. They're too we want the dog to be of good weight, and there is called puppy culture dot com. Puppy, culture dot com. Go to that. And they have a chart that it tells you what to how much exercise eight week old pup. She get ten. We are in our eight week sixteen week old. They walk up to two years on this is a big. No, no. And this is okay. So that you don't damage Joe's joins because usually people are so interested in trying to get puppies to not be as you know, they're trying to tire them out. And so they. Either play fetch fetch fetch, fetch, fetch, okay, or whatever or two long walks would end in that stresses out the joints and the joint won't see you correctly. So that's why it's really important that you do more walks shorter at a time. And then like, you know, fetching only photo the ball three times a stop, you know, because that's hard to the dogs joy to go. One hundred miles an hour for that ball come to a slam. Stop. Have the ball pivot, and then take off the back legs and come ninety miles an hour to you. And if they do that fifteen times best a lot of stress in those joints. Right. That's why you gotta do things in moderation. Not because the dog will do it. Yeah. They'll do it. Right. But you are the parent. You got a parent and say, hey, you know, we're going to move onto something else for a little bit, right? Okay. Yep. Okay. Appreciate it. Good luck. Thank you. You bet. Bye. Bye. Okay. Now d'etre Jess how could they get a hold you through my website at holistic dash fat. Dash care dot com. Say that again holistic dash dash care dot com. Okay. Just wanted to make sure okay. What's up? Okay. We're going to talk to sue. And sue has a question about a Persian that has gone blind. Persian. Hello there. I might tip. My hat to anybody. Is this a full full coke Persian? Or do you get a buzz? We we do get her. Code. Trimmed every year. Oh, good. Okay. Yeah. She's she's really afraid of going to get it done. So I don't like to do it too often. I want to put this out in the universe right now. FYI people anybody out there that grooms cats can you please? Do it mobile. You know with cats, especially why can't you go into people's homes and and be able to do the cash because a stressful enough for the cat groomed. But then the gold for a car ride into to the vet usually or places so people that you need grew cats out there, you know, what give a call. I'll put you on my website for people that go to people's homes that will groom dogs or cats and people's okay? So that's my PSA. Okay. So. Okay. So you Persian does. How old is Persian shoes? Scorching Grenon fifteen fifteen years. Yes. She lost her sight about a year ago completely. We believe completely and started on where she had discharging her is I noticed that she started going into the nature in the walls and what's confused yet. And so, you know, she had a lot of discharging is I bring her in. Diagnosis was congestion. Providers then she hadn't also. Okay, one her is all right. And then she ended up going completely blind. And. Great now, what is a cream like for conjuncture Vitus, and they're not anti biotic drop. She does pretty good. She does occasionally you got say a couple times a week. She gets the dark Brown. Charge is really hard to see because she's blue and white go around her eyes. She's buso. It's really hard to see. But just wondering is there anything else I can do for her? She seems to be pretty healthy. She eats good. She does drink more than she did before. Okay. Urinate, more for okay, we will we'll answer that when we get back here because you've got to run to break. Don't hang up. We're going to answer they give you your you're giving your answer. We've got a lot to talk about here. Okay. Why do fish, wait a minute? Why are fish so bad at basketball? Why are fish so bad at basketball other than some obvious reasons? We'll be back mytalk one zero seven one everything. Entertainment. There.

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