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Kathleen blanco is the governor of louisiana our was the governor of louisiana during katrina and she said that fingerpointing would be inevitable no matter what they officials did she suggested that houston area lacked a plan and there were indeed there was an article on third day or friday that said houston had been warned the sound familiar nor orleans that houston had been warned that they were illprepared for a 500year storm and they and they failed to heed the warning she said it's not apparent to us that watching that they have developed a sensible evacuation formula you have to allow people in the southernmost regions to get out the quickest and then harris county judge emmett at emmett down there who had urged people to stave put noted that harvey's danger wasn't so much the hurricane factor as it was the rain factor and the latter he said made the decision more difficult he said with a rain of that over a county of four and a half million and people you don't know exactly where the rain's gonna fall you don't know which neighborhoods are going to flood so if we had gone out three days before and said we want four million people to leave harris county will that would have been totally nonsensical christopher helmand is at forbes he's a houston resident and any kind of picks up the texas factor on this you know texas has that don't mess with taxes texas has got an attitude texans have lots of other gallagher a texas as they got gonna really proud data to they love their state their proud to be checks and and christopher helm houston resident riding and ford said honestly it's hard for texans to believe that harvey could really be catastrophic gulf storms aren't exactly rare it's just that no one believes in a 500year storm until after its hip fema's as estimating that thirty thousand people will the shelter before it's all said and done so that would fill up the one in dallas in the ones in houston and i would assume that other areas are about to us start opening up their shelters handle like charlotte ended up doing for new.

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