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To be on the sidelines six thirty tonight our time oklahoma city college softball world series it's the dogs against the oklahoma sooner says the huskies look to go to and after they knocked off oregon yesterday that had to be a sweet win as they brought to an end date ducts fifteen game winning streak into the nba finals on sunday down in oakland the warriors oh look to go up tuesday on the catholics and we'll have more sports in thirty minutes right here on your home of the huskies komo news time by twelve three former penn state officials were sentenced to jail time today for their roles in the abuse by jerry sandusky abc's aaron katersky has more the judge seemed incredulous penn state would allow jerry send us ccuta roam the campus even when officials knew of the sexual abuse allegations against him he sentenced the universities former president graham spaniard former vice president gary shultz and former athletic director tim curley to at least two months in jail for failing to say or do anything in response to a two thousand one allegation against dusky spaniard said he deeply regrets he did not intervene more forcefully that's abc's aaron katersky and we're learning more about that too deadly attack at a popular resort in the philippines that left dozens dead abc's of maggie rulli with a details today manila is in mourning after that deadly attack on the casino left at least thirty five dead including this woman's daughterinlaw as she left behind young children she can't accept what happened to her the daughterinlaw was working on the second floor when the gunfire broke out at midnight local time witnesses say an armed man stormed of the pact world.

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