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Them from at ties schmidt at evin foxy and myself are we appreciate you farrakkhan with us on this thursday hope you enjoyed johnny hecker kyle busch stu fire thank you for your peers and after the show ends here in about a minute and a half maybe a minute there's a conversation i have with heart rare heartland radio host at sean maytham they you're just going to you're going to enjoy i think it's going to be like when you get no rabbit whole on youtube and you start listening it's is going to continue to listen because the conversation this sean late them characters gotta lazy is the 20dollar chef he makes good meals he's a stand up comedian i learned something in a very interesting about him today and i think you can enjoy this conversation if you decide turnoff catch up with arlene radio mondays and wednesdays we'll see you tomorrow with another incredible show we got a good one gum for tomorrow i'm gonna send you in the weekend dorsey dolan like a month or cacuso have a great one thank you for listening to the mac official walking in to the studio with a ball of energy a man who has a host of the heartland radio show which is every monday in wednesday podcast get where podcasts are at sean letham who told a story yesterday about being a prison guard and being well liked by the inmates that i never heard about so i was like bro need to hear this medium everything about this in people you're a prison guard who was friends with the prisoners well i wasn't technically friends with them before i got in there.

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