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Seven ninety KABC weather highs in the upper sixties to about seventy it's currently seventy eight in Downey sixty four in Dana point, seventy four in downtown LA seven ninety KABC in HD now ninety five point five FM HD two blooming in on seven ninety AM. Plus get the livestream in the podcast ABC dot com. KABC news. I'm ABC news. Sponsored by superwoman super lawyer dot com. Alexa, can't wipe down the machine at the gym for you. Oh, but she and placate and see for you just say, Alexa, enable the KABC AM skill. Okay. Here's AM seven ninety KABC. Eight hundred two two five to two we're gonna talk about school shootings in the nursery of Columbine. I though some Nettie KABC welcomes war and kissing the sunshine band of the Greek theater, Saturday fifth sorry, Saturday twenty fifth tickets are on sale now, but caller number nine eight eight seven nine zero five two two. When a pair of tickets furniture us by goldenvoice again, war, Casey and the sunshine band Greek theater Saturday may twenty fifth call now eight eight eight seven nine zero five two two two two. Now, it's James Alan, FOX Littman fan, professor of criminology and criminal law and public policy at Northeastern University, James welcome program. So it is the anniversary of famous school shooting eighteen think about it report last year said school shootings are down. That's of course. Relative to a flurry that we had is it not. Well, we did have a ninety two thousand eighteen was certainly atypical normally when we had park. Seventeen killed and Santa Fe Texas with ten killed. That is unusual obviously. But since Columbine actually on average, they're five students year are shot to death at school. At actually before Columbine. We had a whole another flurry of shootings we had that we had four one academe IQ four mass shootings and in in the nineteen ninety seven nineteen ninety eight school year. We had some years were as many as forty students who were killed at school in the early nineteen ninety s so any any death is obviously in the one is one too many Montrose, quite true. But our schools are safe. They're safer than they were actually nineteen ninety nineties. Really now is that because of anything particularly anything we're doing..

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