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He's claiming they did. Oh, that's why he's saying voluntarily. Now I get it. So then that could be the fruit of the poisoned tree. There you go. So he knows what he's doing. He is using his constitutional market. There is a big scandal going on in the vinyl world that you read about this. I read that this morning, oh my God, that's amazing. Yeah. So mo fi MOF I is a company that's been around for a decade. There are actually up our way in sebastopol. And their claim to fame was they're selling vinyl records that are mastered from the original digit a non digital, analog masters of classics, Asia, from steely Dan, or even thriller, which was mastered to tape, and they were selling it this way for a long time, until a record store owner, Phoenix record shop, owner, said according to pretty reliable sources, mo fi mobile fidelity has been using digital files instead to create these vinyl records. They are not analog masters. And then a number of people spoke up and said, you know what, that makes sense because if they're making these vinyl records from analog masters, they have to keep rewinding the tape and playing it, rewinding the tape. Nobody's going to allow them to do that. So in fact, it's now come out engineers Bo fight didn't want to admit it, but engineers from mo fi have started to say, yeah. We started using digital stream. It's called direct stream digital technology. In 2011, on a release of Tony Bennett, I left my heart in San Francisco, and by the end of 2011, 60% of their vinyl releases used digital. Sources. You're

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