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From ABC news. John Chuck written. He's back this deport. E of Dow Halima Oscar spent more than a decade in prison refusing to testify to a grand jury investigating the Palestinian militant group HAMAs. He also ran to take Yasser Arafat's job as the Palestinian leader while on house arrest in Alexandria, Virginia. He came in fourth out of seven candidates, US immigration arrested car last Tuesday, and deported him on a flight to Israel today's later, he was back in the US after a judge ordered him returned concern that Palestinian immigrant didn't get a chance to fight deportation. Andy field. ABC news in the past hour, on the deal between the US and Mexico announced by President Trump last night. -verting scheduled Monday tariffs on Mexican goods, a senior White House official involved in the talks tells ABC news that it was a verbal agreement with Mexican officials at the negotiations to buy more US agricultural products with no specific type of product quantity, or timeline. After Republican Senator Chuck Grassley last night praise Mexico for agreeing to the deal. Senate Democratic leader, Chuck Schumer this past hour reacting saying in an emailed statement, just as I predicted, the president backed off many twenty twenty democratic presidential candidates are in Des Moines, Iowa, again, the democratic presidential form taking place. Joe Biden, not there is campaign says due to a scheduled family event, flooding Senator dick Durbin of Illinois toward pledge stricken. Alton Illinois near Saint Louis and other communities along the Mississippi. He believes Washington will have to up its flood prevention game. We can't be naive expect this never to happen again. What we have to do is rebuild these levees enforce these levees do it a regional basis. You can't build up one side of the river with the other side of the river sitting my patiently, Shawn Balint, ABC news. Alton illinois. Across the country include these festivities in Washington, DC listening to ABC news. Arizona's news station news station. KTAR on air ninety two three FM online at KTAR dot com and streaming live on the news app. Breaking news and traffic now. Fighting the mountain fire from ground and air. It is three oh two good afternoon. I'm John roller. Here's what we're following this hour, helicopters dropping water this afternoon. Trying to get containment of the mountain fire burning on the Tahoe forest near Bartlett late this afternoon. And this is an update all day use areas and campgrounds near horseshoe, and Bartlett lake are closed this afternoon and closed until further notice mountain fire broke out yesterday afternoon. Right around this time it has grown to more than seventy two hundred acres along with the air tankers and helicopters. There are eight engines on the ground and three crews trying to get some containment of that fire. Well, the coolest may in the valley since nineteen ninety eight slowed down the arrival of Arizona's wildfire season. But the heat is on and now the fire danger is escalating. Brent Fenton with daisy, mountain fire, and anthem says you need to be extremely careful with anything that can touch off a fire more. So now we're getting those chains dragging. Sometimes people are pulling over to change a tire, and you've got the hot exhaust systems aren't the car, and they're not paying attention to where they're pulling off in they're stopping instant tall brush, Arizona has been very fortunate on wildfires. So far this year with the mountain fire right now, about seventeen thousand two hundred acres burned last year at this time about seventy thousand acres has burned. Well, you just heard on ABC news, that President Trump and the White House, celebrating the fact that they had not put tariffs on Mexico, and we're now getting reaction KTAR's political analysts, Michael Neale, who says, we've dodged a bullet with this. When you when you hurt the economy Mexico, you get more rather than fewer immigrants. So it seemed to me that they had to cut a deal on this and the tariff was scheduled to be implemented by the US on Monday. Oh, four. Let's get a check on traffic.

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