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Colorado Ale back to. All right before we do the categories Sean as an important question. We talked about this a little bit on the Ferris pod. Tube at Bill. Were you a Trent or or a Mike? You want to give by. MAKES YOU WANNA? Give by Mike Thoughts now, sure. You can answer my question though. I think I had points in my life where I was a Mike and other points where I was. Okay given your hostility to. Troy from reality bites. And Kevin from Saint. Almost fire I. I regret to inform you that you are trend. I'm going to save my mic thoughts because I have a whole section near the end on on Maki Mita categories. I tried to narrow this down because I mean honestly the whole movies re watchable, also real flow movie, so you could be like this twenty five minute section or this twenty five minutes action. So the drive to Vegas fucking kills me when he's. He talks a bit going and then all set. He's in the front seat. Is it a suit? Is County Buddy? Screaming Vegas is a you gotta put a suit on? Hold the wheel. Screaming Vegas. Fight. You said we're GONNA wear suits. Goddess offering. Right. Man If you wearing a suit and look gamble what they give you free shits. It's in the back all right. No Way, no turn around. I'm going home I'm going to show up wearing that suit cried already. Okay. I'll put my suit on grabbed the wheel. Hold it steady telling you this is? I know. I'm. Up Serious. WE'RE GONNA kick daddy rainman suite. You take that we're going to Vegas my vegas typically midnight when we're GONNA be up five hundred midlife. Baby! And then. The next cut is them just driving sadly alone the highway and and it's just like wow. That was a good two hours ago all of that. I mean honestly you could go from there to. They hit the Strip during the convertible. He tips the Valet play Blackjack, 'cause the next re watchable scene is. The the whole blackjack scene is amazing and the Levy always doubled down eleven. Two hundred dollars pleasantly. I. If you don't look like you know what he soon. I. Know what you're! Talking about? To make. down. I think I love all blackjack scenes. But but that and then ending with the. Bike is devastated. A trip does. Your big winner I'm going to ask you a simple question. What you listen to me? WHO's the big winner here today? That the her Mikey who is the big winner by keywords Mike you and me look at me. Money you know what else you're a big winner tonight a one. You're a big winner. Ask You a simple question. I want you to listen to me. WHO's the big winner here tonight the Casino? Mikey. That's you mikey's. The big winner might be win. I'm an Asshole, but you know what you're. MINUTE, STRETCH I! Think is you could probably team together so and then they go get breakfast in the next scene with all the pancakes the age of light been. It. She does the hang on voltaire like. fucking humming for fifteen minutes. You also in that whole section you get. What does he say I'm GonNa pull a frito yeah. To delete. I look the other thing they go. They try to pretend they had a gamble. They get at the table. The way! He gives the money as perfect. That's total like amateur. Move counting the money for you. Give it to them ever knows the dealer council bunny, and then the three black chips back the winter staring at it. And then. Wade he actually loses the double down when she could see coming from a mile away and just the looks on their face. It's like twenty one. It just goes to show. He's got that craze. Look at his face. All that is just. Every piece of that is magnificent. Is that supposed to tell us that? This is Mike's first trip to Vegas like like he doesn't know how to gamble at all. I think these guys are just Kinda secretly losers, even though they carry themselves off as that losers like Trent, who's supposed to be this amazing world guy has no idea how to gamble. It's incredible. He's. He's basically the only thing he does is double down eleven. That's is only The next one is the par-three. At Felice, not mentioned a wants today. I didn't. WanNa say anything? Why. It's Kinda like. Not Talking to your pitcher in the middle of a no hitter. Where do you wanNA drink it Kinda. Talk about her that much. I didn't mention one today tend to ten. Inches tall was the I'm not gonNA talk about anymore. You'd appreciate I. Do I do good for you? Get their play it out. I sound. Get back out there. Get their fucking kills me get. Fifty Times later it's still funny, but's like six feet short. Get there. We thing there last year with with scarface for for callaway with scarface in house It's just so much fun to drive. The the place looks exactly the same I mean I. Don't know how long it's looked like that but has. The years in the at least the from the core side leg i. think the the sort a little rock cafe. They have their, but the guy who sits in the little booth and gives you like your scorecard. And just smokes cools all day. There since Trent word since Robin Mike were there the sides been there the courses exactly the same. It also captures the whole. Were they struggling actors who seem like? We should have something to do, but we actually have nothing to do. Let's go play a nine for three hours. Because what else am I going to do, I'll just sit my. my house play video games. There are still using the same fryolater at the restaurant that they were using back then. If you WANNA get some fish and chips, chicken fingers also I love, this is very identifiable I'm sure at least for Chris and I like opening round at the Los Villas par-three with an eight or nine. That's. Count Anger. Yeah good. Good Ron Livingston to does the kind of not kind of like that talkative pitcher to no hitter. Those that line out South Next re watchable seen. Dare I say the greatest video game seen in the history of little. Bullshit. King stuck in this game you play. Another team took the Cup against the computer with the offsides era, Finesse team fucking bitch. fucking. Watch out other fun or not. It's not even so much me as Roenick. He's good. Oh, is that right? I video games seen ever in a movie as I. Know No, No. Fighter measured man. No I'm saying like dudes playing mad, inner H, PGA or one of those like. It's never been seamlessly integrated in a movie like this. They picked you know. There was that heyday of this was the ninety three, but ninety, three, ninety, four, ninety, five, like the glories years of that game. So they have one of those Roenick is really essential. They picked him because Roenick. Was Way too good in that game for a couple years, I don't know if the guys who made it were a blackhawks fan or whatever, but the blackhawks fan vons, a huge blackhawks, and but Roenick was God in that game, and they just kind.

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