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Go on the You drafted Lloyd Cushion Very last year, you got slope in and S so there's there's the center in the interior line positions don't really appear to be need Backup tackle. And then John James over there. It looks like you might need maybe some right tackle. Help. So you know, but receivers not really. Quarterback. Well, I mean, we'll see. And then you know the running back position. You know where you at with that with Melvin Gordon's gonna miss a couple games probably was suspension. Phil Lindsey. Is he coming back, You know, or if a tender and so you might need to look at the running back position of it Well, and then on the defensive side. Um, yeah, I think our line looks pretty good. I think the defensive lines of strength Others football team. I think you inside linebacker we've talked about. You probably need there some depth at outside linebacker Ed Rush on then corner, you know, and then some definite safety because you know if you don't get just back and Karim's 32 33 years old. I mean, you're you're starting to start to get a little thin there so that those were really the areas that the Broncos need to be looking. Okay, so let's let's rank these things. Let's go Top three and we'll do it. As it relates to the senior Bowl rosters because it would be easy for including because there's only me there's probably like what 78 top 50 players out here. Maybe, you know, maybe maybe, like two first rounders. I mean, this isn't like, you know, Like, Like, some years, we come out here and we're talking like two or three top 10 players, you know, and especially the quarterbacks. That's not the case here, you know, even though Jamie human might leave Mobile as the best quarterback of the highest Harold quarterback, the best he's gonna do is day too. You know Mac Jones if he continues on his current trajectory Probably early day to guy. Maybe somebody sneaks into round one Who knows, But I don't know if it changes too much, so nobody's going to sneak into the top 10 from this group. So let's let's frame it as what the Senior Bowl rosters are constructed their strength. The relative strength based on with the Broncos, rat rank, your top three needs position wise and then let's go through some of those players. Well, I think you need it. The defensive backfield, I think is where you need to be. DVDs is something it's gonna be a priority, whether that's depth of the safety position or or the corner position. I think the Broncos has to severe needs there, So I think that would to me. That's the one with the circle after that inside linebacker, you know, I think you've got to figure that out. You know, you got Alexander Johnson on the R F A. Yet Josie in the last year's rookie deal. Um, that's That could be potentially a problem going forward on then, you know, it really depends. I think the next priority is running back personally. But I understand other people who have different thoughts on that, whether they think the edge rush. Is something that the death of the head rush eyes something that used to be addressed whether they think that quarterback whatever you know, running back is the third for me. I don't want to address that on day one or day too. But I do have that with the circle is they need okay. I'm gonna go defense back then. That's the easiest one because you just Justice in this comes back, you know, either way cream Jackson's the final year of his deal, and you saw well, first of all big fans. You said they're gonna draft cornerbacks every year. You have to. It's just the nature of the league and You saw that death get tested last year like we thought it might, and so the Bronco's will absolutely be in DVDs. And I'm gonna go Interior defensive line, at least as we sit here today. Don't know if General Casey's back. Don't know if Shelby Harris is back those of your two starters DaMarcus Walker probably won't be back. And then you're getting into Okay. Well, dream on should be a starter this year, but again, its rotational position like you're gonna want, you know, a good stable of talented defensive lineman. So maybe McKelvin a game steps into a bigger role this year. We don't really get a chance to see any of that, at least with dream on towards the end of the last year, we thought, Okay, well, he's starting to get some more run. He'll get Maura opportunities the next year. I don't really get that would make me tell them the game. I had a little run there the last last game for sure, But I don't know. I can't sit here right now and say Make tell when a game is gonna be your starters. So I'm I'm gonna put that one is my second On Ben, the third one. I guess I want to stay on the defensive side and I am gonna go edge. I think this is this is where you get your edge. You decide because because this is the thing like whether Jeremiah Ta Chiu is a guy that you kinda wanna keep around. Whatever he's rotating me at best. He's you know. Substitute back up kind of guy Molinari look good legally look good, but you don't want to rely on him. And at this point, you know, whatever happens with von Miller say you do bring him back for one more season and Kind of more or less. Look for a bit of a running back. Hope toe have some No better luck with your health. You're going to need to start going down the road of of doing better and having somebody starting opposite, probably trouble. I'm not saying these three positions You have to spend your premium picks on..

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