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Who's that that this major effort to undermine our democracy was happening? Mitch McConnell said if you do this I will cast it as a as a partisan gambit in a make look like you're trying to swing the election for Hillary Clinton. So the public did not find out that this was happening because of Mitch McConnell's tactic on this. It was it was really remarkably cynical moment where he was casting something that would have been sort of a United effort to save our democracy as as a partisan as a person move, which was it self. Of course, the most partisan move of all well jasmine farrier, how do you read that moment, especially since we've we're few years away from it? Now. I think that again as majority leader or as minority leader or as majority whip which was his previous position Mitch McConnell has spent half of his career in the Senate in the party leadership team that means that the party is going to be paramount. And the next election is going to be the goal, and as an astute observer of politics, there's no question in Mitch McConnell's mind that his actions in two thousand sixteen including his actions about merit garland helped Donald Trump got elected. And that's what he did as a Republican, well suppose. A lot of people react to something like that. And and what they might want to say is. Yes, you know, one can can be of great champion of of your party. And and use the political tools at hand to advance the policy interests of your party, whether you're Republican or democrat, but regarding this moment in late twenty sixteen..

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