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Mom was sent to down to Hollywood along with her sister for them to go to college together and the main reason that her father symptom. was because her father did not want her to marry my dad they always have a conflict going. So mom went down and she would take college classes and whether or not she finish college I don't know but I have heard that used to skip classes and she would play cards and one time she was playing cards and one of the Gals introduced churches, Roy, Rogers and apparently a lot of them were movie stars and so that's how she met some of those people but mom didn't care about that she cared. About their bridge game so she said that she went out and had a couple dates with Roy Rogers and she said that it was it was really fun. But one thing which she did say about him is that he was Kinda boring and he really couldn't write a horse that well. So they didn't they did not further their relationship which was really funny. So and I'm sure the main reason in that all of that was that she probably you know love my dad and had planned on going back to marry him anyway. That's sweet dislikes experiences. Life is interesting. Now we that's so sweet I love that store she turned down a movie star from my grandfather. And, you know what? I've always felt about love me. I've always felt that you can't choose the one you love. When you know my husband I love him to death and I had seven people warned me not to go out with him because he had a bad reputation and he's the perfect person for me and I couldn't stand it. I see him across the you know across the room and you know my heart would just pound. I had no I had no choice. Yeah it was pretty fun..

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