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Is is hyper me. It all gets back to hyper initial so It doesn't exist inside three dimensions and so there's a value system and meaning from that. I was heading with this meaning. Law attraction meaning is those values and those emotions. You can't have meaning without emotion. Immediate emotion without meaning is what i was trying to say because emotion is meeting the fundamental level. That's why people who have these. Mystical experiences have deep love and they can't even put it in words. It's not words it's the meaning of the of love in the meaning of compassion. And the meaning of that can't even put it in words because there's not enough adjectives to put in front of it to make it that big and yet they come back and they and it's so we have to have a model for how the mind processes meeting and i think this kind of mathematical framework that's built on quantum mechanics and neural mathematics. It's the same kind of mathematics. Credential mattocks gears you inside about saying okay. How all that works in so once you have man meaning for compassion and love and you realize oh that's how we are. Then maybe these uncompetitive things the hate and the love and the lady coming. None of that means anything anymore. You can get above it right. that's what you're doing. You're doing out of body experience. You're above all of your memories. you're kind of like looking above it. Nlp calls time line therapy. Where you're above your entire time line and that stuff works because you're you're taking a broader perspective and that broader perspective is a unified of these what historically looked like complementary or if you have these two things that look like they're opposite each other but you take a higher view of it that looks like oh i see this broader perspective where those differences disappear. That's what spiritual growth is all about. That's what that's what you have when you get this divine sign. You don't have that sort of limited view anymore you have this much. Broader unified wholeness That's wave like i mean the only way you can get that broader perspective if you are a wave not a discrete set of points. You know you're not a discrete set of bits. You're like a quantum wave your like a quantum potential and so that's how it ties neuro computing ties with mechanics so doug how is the deep reality book.

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