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That new car smell with their coaching changes, and then you still have bam of Georgia and Ohio State at their highest peaks still picking off the elite players in the state. The vision norvell was selling on the recruiting trail doesn't work after two and a half years and only half your staff can actually recruit. So now it becomes proof of concept and seeing it happen on the field. And that's why to your point, they hit the transfer portal so hard. And this has to be a year where you get to 7 wins. And the national sentiment to me is wrong, that this will be norvell's last year if they don't get there. Now, I guess anything's possible if this catastrophic to intend type season unfolds. I don't think it will. But Florida state desperately needs a winning record this year. If not, norval will be a lame duck coach next year. And I think really you need to think about this the right way because a lot of people seem to hate norvell. Whether you love or hate him, one thing is unquestionable. If it doesn't work out in a new coach comes in over the next two to three years, that coach will start his journey in a far better position because of Mike norvell. How important when you look at Florida state schedule is the week two game against LSU in New Orleans to try and restore some of that legacy and create optimism early on in a campaign. Where if you win that game, there's no reason to believe you can't beat Louisville on the road, which won't be easy. Take care of business at home against BC and then set up a schedule where maybe you go in three and one four zero and before you see wake forest at NC state and Clemson, a pivotal three game stretch that could define what this team is capable of accomplishing. One thing we said last year is you had to start well for the recruiting class because once you get to October in the early signing period, most players know where they want to go at that point. So it's vital to start. You'd rather start good early than end hot, right? The LSU games massive, both in perception, plus you get them at the right time. This is year three for Mike norvell. And you have a first year coach in LSU that had to hit the transfer portal very hard. That is a monster game for them. You can tell how important of a season it is, right? Not just the transfer portal, but Mike norvell is going to call place this season. And you look at the one area as Mike novella former receiver, what did he do? The receiving corps was upgraded via the portal. So you bring in a mic at a Winston right junior, Johnny Wilson to do span all into that receiver room. I think what's interesting when you start to look a little bit at the offense as well. O line has improved there. The floor of the receiver room has elevated you're hoping for star Malik maclean has to take that next step. You're hoping that dust dust and hill shows up on campus here pretty soon. The floor of the receiver room is higher at the floor of the O line is higher. You look only one receiver last season for Florida state average more than 1.4 yards per route run. The most efficient pass catchers were running back. So basically in the Mike norvell offense, how it operates. He sets up his wide receivers in position to win one on one battles and they're just weren't a lot of guys that could win those last year. Floor states still does not have a natural tackle starter. But again, I think the floor gets raised with the transfers. You have bless Harris, Kate and lyles, Dimitri Manuel, along with the three four star freshman along the offensive line. I think FSU was clearly better as run blockers than past protectors, fringe top 50 in line yards and opportunity rate last year. The problem was when Florida state was forced to pass the O line couldn't hold. 2.3 seconds until pressure arrived and known passing situations. In total, 159 pressures allowed a 37% pressure rate allowed for Florida state's own line. When you parse through all the downs and focus only on third down and known passing situations where defenses kind of pin their ears back and get after the quarterback, your lack of a natural tackle showed itself a shoe allowed 44% pressure rate and an 18% sack rate on that third down, partly battle line play, partly quarterback holding on to it too long, partly receivers not having the ability to beat man coverage. You put it all together and that's why you have an offense a 117th and third and fourth down success rate. I think we know at this point Jordan Travis is an elite passer, but he's made enough strides. If you keep him clean, if you allow him to throw with play action, he does very well with that stuff. Once norvell figured out Jordan needed to be his full-time starting quarterback, the offense improved. But that didn't really happen until the Syracuse game after starting Owen for. But if you look at Jordan Travis from the Syracuse game on, Travis had a one 50 passer rating, good for 16th best among power 5 quarterbacks, plus he provides that extra man advantage in the run game because he's so mobile. Floor states offense is going to improve barring one thing. A Jordan Travis injury. He's added good weight. He's up to about 210 pounds right now. He's not a big guy, puts his body on the line. He missed the NC state game last year and is part of the Florida game. And the things behind the scenes, nobody sees, is what it takes for Jordan Travis to get ready to play that week. He misses a lot of practices. That's not great when you have four brand new transfer wide receivers as you kind of work on chemistry. AJ Duffy is a true freshman. Tate rodemaker isn't good, but improved enough to where Florida state couldn't thread the needle for a transfer quarterback. As you couldn't find someone better than Jordan Travis one's dillingham left for organ. But there's not a lot of quarterbacks wanting to transfer to a school to become a backup again. So FSU could legitimately win two games of Jordan Travis gets injured. In the opening weekend, or gets injured in the LSU game. The other hurdle offensively Todd. NC state and clumps are on the schedule. Two defenses we project in the top ten, four more defenses in our top 40 and an additional three defenses that are fringe top 50. So the schedule of defense is quite daunting for FSU's offense. Defensively, I mean, we know about Jermaine Johnson's drop it in the draft all. Some people had them forecasted going inside the top ten. I think he becomes a steel where he ends up coming off of the board. But now it is Florida state Louis him, they lose care Thomas as well. Do a combined for a 112 tackles, 18 and a half sacks and 30 tackles for loss. You look at the current defensive ends on Florida state's roster and it's not exactly the deepest group by any stretch of the imagination. Now in the defensive backfield, maybe there's reason for optimism. I mean, you read some of the prognostications out there. They're calling this safety tandem, arguably the program's best since 2017 when Derwin James was back there alongside Trey Marshall. Defensively for Florida state. Do you feel like there are a lot more dudes capable of making plays and forcing disruptions havoc plays and the occasional turnover to set Florida state's offense up for a little bit of success? There is no Derwin James out there. Let that be clear. I spoke with Brad prior to FSU spring game..

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