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And of course, a really really busy week has just wrapped up here. In DC winter a week of tributes to forty one. Of course, former president George H W Bush passed away last weekend at the age of ninety four and if you remember up until the age of ninety he celebrated his major milestones in life by skydiving something he talked about when he actually jumped out of a plane at the age of eighty get out and do something if you don't want to do a parachute jump do some males. Don't just sit around watching TV. Talking to get out there and realized that eighty years old, you still got a life was one of my favorite quotes from him as we were going through some of the memories this week winter, and it seems like a good lesson for the rest of us doesn't it since hiring? Yeah. That is so inspiring. I think it teaches us something that we know. And a lot of ways I think we we all can see the good example. But it's hard to be that person in almost all aspects. And I think in many ways as we hear stories about George Bush this week we're seeing here's a person who lived life to the fullest. He was in a loving relationship and had a good family, and he really knew how to be a figure well beyond the politics. Yeah. I think that's the major lesson this week the civility and really kind of a somber ceremonies that we go through when we lose the president like this, especially one with this kind of reputation. So a good reminder for all of us here this week, but he lived a long time ninety four years old. And winter we have to face the possibility a lot of us. We. You could end up living that long couldn't we I really don't enjoy talking about mortality. Yeah. I know that right. Isn't it so easy just to think about today lasting forever? Like, we know that were mortal Queen know that we're going to have an end point there's going to be an end to our retirement. But even when you're in your sixties and seventies and eighties. I don't know how tangible it is. Yeah. For people because we just live our lives day today. And it's hard to even give thought to the idea of our longevity or mortality, I would suggest that most people listening this afternoon have no interest in even talking about mortality. You're hearing about it. And I think in a lot of ways that prevents people from really doing planning the way that they should. You know, I think if people who win the lottery and the ability to spend or maybe quit their job or or take care of all those financial dues that it may be bene- burden all the years. And so we know of lottery winners, but I would like to think about longevity in a different way. What about someone in? Maybe this has happened to someone that you know, or love or care about or maybe someone at work, which you can love and care about people at work too. But maybe you known someone who got a cancer diagnosis, and we've talked about on the radio before the my dad got Parkinson's diagnosis, and you know, as I watched mom and dad go through that. I know that that everybody has their own story. Everybody has their own trials and tribulations as listening this afternoon. I'm no different. And so when my parents got the Parkinson's diagnosis for dad, you know, what it did it brought them to the fact that we are mortal, we're human that today isn't guaranteed forever. And yet we don't know when retirement's going to end for us and and watching them. Watching one of my family members. Look at the fact that maybe today was gonna last forever. It gave them a completely different view of their finances. Right in in in. I imagine the same would be true. If a loved one or friend was diagnosed with cancer, whether it was late stage, or whether it was early stage diagnosis that could be overcome health is humbling. Yeah. It makes us refocus on what's most important, and I can tell you right now. And I hope that if you're listening to after noon that that you feel the same way that life is more than rate of return. Our purpose in life has very little to do with the financial vehicle and investment of product. And it has more to do with fulfilling our purpose. And I hate to see someone defer their purpose, right? I'm too busy making financial decisions to think about my purpose. I'm I'm too busy trying to work aged sixty two to really think about my purpose. I'm too busy. Raising my kids to think about my purpose. And I think to me that was what was so inspiring about the quote from George Bush in parachuting age eighty right? You feel like and I didn't know on a daily basis few of us did. But you feel like he knew his purpose that he had meaning to his life beyond being a politician or being a former president or anything. Financial? And I think that's what makes him endearing in. That's what we all need to do is to find our purpose in connect their assets that I can tell you. It's sad for me. Sad for me as a financial adviser to think of all of the conversations that typically go on between advisor in client. Because typically those conversations are centered on the tools, the vehicles investments and mutual funds and 4._0._1._K's and TSP's in the results of those vehicles..

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