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Three D., printing product. Hands and arms for these kids. Is that right so you can? Under Three D., printer, a functional hand, or not correct, there is a open source. Catalogue of prosthetic cans and arms that we use at our dispose disposal. and. We use a three D. Printer to create these amazing process. Okay this when I saw this I I saw it in the set. S When I knew I wanted to talk to you about this at one of the things that amazed. We're GONNA talk more in detail about these. In a minute, but one of the things that amaze me shocked me I couldn't believe what I was seeing and reading was that these prosthetics for the people who need our free and the cost of production is but a few hundred dollars. Is that right? That is right? How is that possible? It does take time. Does. Take energy does take patience and technology yeah. But. That's all part of the game you know you got to. We've got. A great three. D. Printer that was donated to us, so we're able to expand our horizons. Expand to extra creating arms for children and adults alike. Marketing, so he's electric or they know they are kind of. More like a puppet. Strings strings attached channel through the prosthetic itself. Attached to the fingertips inside Sarah Time. The child actuates their elbow or wrist. Makes it functional to grab more what they're trying to do now. These ones that you've brought here that we have some pictures of the ones that you brought her. Don't look necessarily exactly like Adam. And they have the thumb in the fingers and so forth, but they look more like a superhero something. and. We've done themes rather children's. The popular one is definitely iron man. We've done a vendor one of a captain America. We've helped a little boy even with Papa Patrol. He loved patrol themes. So that's something that we you know like to open up to the parents and let the children know that..

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