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Even watch hocus pocus you know hauling favorite at eight thirty in chase park so something fun to do a kind of outdoorsy maybe a little cold for that but I'm sure the fire will help keep anybody war fan when we end with this dog parade of people are taking final are going to want to turn out for this on Sunday absolutely people especially people that love to dress up their pets but it's spooky pooch parade so that's over at the Chicago botanic garden on Sunday eleven to one totally free to watch so even if you don't have a pet you can go on by have seen some interesting costumes these days that are made for talks but there will be a custom content so you can go and see who wins the big price thank you we we don't have a shortage of things to do daily coming up I I brought my record collection in and maybe you can help me too because I do have a question about what to do with too many CD's look at what do I do how do I get rid of them am I supposed to sell on the people go on eBay they go to stores and bring the men but I don't think you can get much money for CD's because everything streaming now but I I want to keep some CD's for the car and your missus arrive says you gotta get rid of them so I don't know what to do but maybe somebody can help the three one two nine eight one seventy two hundred and I will play a record here on the big game seven twenty from my record collection and it's a song that you know very well but a story I don't think you know and we'll share that with you coming right up after we get a little traffic.

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