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Given the warmth this weekend might be looking for an indoor movie this weekend, of course at night. It'll cool down nicely. It is now, eight hundred eight on Orlando's morning news as we check the weekend and full five day forecast heading into Memorial Day weekend. It's brought to you by southeast dealer appliance warehouse. Good morning, Tom Terry big Memorial Day weekend, Joe is almost here. You've got a sneaking out a four day weekend here on this Friday. Either way, it is going to be another nice dry day today. Orlando's high back right above ninety degrees. That's getting close to our long term average, this time of late may, we start getting ninety pretty much any day, we want to, and we're certainly going to be warming than that this weekend, ninety two maybe as hot as ninety three or ninety four on Saturday. It all depends on how late to see racer arrives in Orlando, but we're clearly going to be heating up each day. Mid nineties for Sunday in especially on Memorial Day, Monday right around ninety five to ninety six and forecast. Models. Joe keep us a least ninety six perhaps ninety seven by Tuesday of next week. Either way it's going to be hot day. Extended five day forecast, four times an hour from channel nine of cheap etiologies Tom Terry Downes that way, we should pace ourselves drink plenty of fluids by fluids. I mean water drink plenty of water this weekend. Right now, it is sunny and bright, seventy in Orlando. Severe weather station. Safetouch Security triple team traffic at Torrence's checking our drive in. We're going to go topside right now. Joe on I four eastbound we're looking at the problem getting in.

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