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Now, you'll love quip best brush out their hands down. All right. Let's go. Okay. Right. So explosive revelatory piece yesterday, and the daily caller and elsewhere, I liked the daily caller's work. I sent out a tweet last night, but were Chuck Ross from the daily caller. I'm not even kidding when I say this and I'm sorry. I left out Sarah quarter last night, wasn't my attention. I was just sent out a tweet Chuck Ross John Solomon, Byron York, Sarah Carter who else Mollie Hemingway and others, if they're not being considered for the Pulitzer prize or one of them. There are many of them given their exposing spy gate scandal, Kim, strassel and others, the pri- the prize is absolutely worthless. So I like to give the daily caller shouts. They've been doing some great work. Here's a piece from yesterday. That is just incredible right by Chuck Ross, Peter stroke, suspected CIA was behind the inaccurate media leaks. So stroke, the lead investigator for the FBI suspects that the entire time the CI and John Brennan were running this. And we're behind the media leaks used to foster the Russian air. Listen, ladies and gentlemen. None of this. Art is new but the texts and the emails we saw yesterday in a letter sent from the Senate over to the IG's office Ron Johnson and Chuck Grassley sent a letter over to the geez office which some stuff we saw yesterday some Texans. Some emails repeater stroke, it explains to you what I've been trying to hammer home on this show forever in perpetuity for eons. Now, this is not about Russia gate spy gate, conspiracy gate, this a gate area. Go. The Russia story the collusion hoax. I have insisted to you from the start was a cover story to hide a bigger scandal. The Obama administration's use of the United States intelligence infrastructure, the intelligence community to spy on an attack globally political opponents. The Russia's story was a cover up also known as Joe what is the phrase. We would call basically a backup plan for something in case of an emerging and insurance policy. We heard that kind of like the aware of we heard that exactly where have we heard that before from the same FBI investigator, Peter stroke, texting his FBI companion and girlfriend. Lisa page. Oh, we need an insurance policy. Russia. The Russia collusion story was the insurance policy to get Trump out of office to cover free scandal bigger than Donald Trump. The Obama administration was spying on political opponents more than just Donald Trump? This is the scandal. Now from the daily caller piece. Chuck Ross's piece which will be in the show notes today. Please read it. This is important Peter stroke, again lead FBI investigator in this Trump case suspected CI employees were behind inaccurate leaks to the press regarding possible Trump campaign context with Russia. According to an Email stroke sent in April of twenty seventeen read the listen to this Email. I'm beginning to think the agency he's talking about the CIA got info a lot earlier than we thought. Oh, who's been saying this forever now and hasn't shared it completely with us? He's talking about the FBI. So it should be clear..

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