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Tonight on WTO Pete chief justice John Roberts says you will not testify in an upcoming Senate hearing on Supreme Court ethics in a letter Roberts declined the invitation from judiciary panel chief, senator dick Durbin. He noted how uncommon it is for chief justice to testify before congressional committees. Robert also included a statement of ethics principles and practices signed by all 9 justices to his letter to German. The request came after a report found that justice clarence Thomas had gone on several luxury trips at the invitation of a GOP mega donor, the trips were not disclosed on Thomas's public financial filings. Politico also was reported today that justice Neil Gorsuch did not disclose that he had sold a property to the CEO of a law firm, the law firm later brought cases before the court. A woman is in the hospital after her car fell down a ravine in rock creek park this afternoon. D.C. fire and EMS as the car left the road around 5 this afternoon on piney branch Parkway, east of beach drive in northwest D.C.. Cruz had to repel down into the ravine to rescue the woman. She was trapped in that crushed car. D.C. fire says she suffered serious injuries, but is expected to be okay. Only one car was involved here U.S. park police will be investigating the car and the crash throughout the evening and tomorrow. Stay up to date on road closures always here at WTO, where we bring you traffic and weather on the ace. Sports at 25 and 55 powered by Red River, technology decisions aren't black and white. Think red. And getting back to rob Woodford. All right, it's all good for the nationals. They were shut out in three of Josiah gray's first four starts of the season, but in New York, it is now the Nats looking to preserve a shutout as they lead the mets 5 nothing in the top of the 8th inning of what has been a sharp outing for Josiah gray. He has done after 6 scoreless innings of forehead ball with a season high 9 strikeouts, the run support, he's received exactly 5 times what he got in his previous four starts combined, Joey menesis with a pair of RBI singles tonight, kaba Ruiz belted a 414 foot Homer to open the scoring in the second. The Orioles rallied in the 9th inning with 5 runs, but they fall to the Boston Red Sox 8 to 6, thanks largely to a miserable two plus inning start by Kyle bradish in which he gave up a Grand Slam among the 7 runs on 8 hits for his first loss of the season. The first of three NBA playoff game 5s, winding down in Boston, where the Celtics are leading the hawks one O two 91, a little under 9 minutes left to go and regulation. If they hold on here, they close out this series. Denver and Phoenix also looking to close out their respective series on their home floors with a win tonight, the Timberwolves putting up some resistance here as they lead the nuggets early on 23 to 12 Orlando's palo banquero, a runaway winner of the NBA rookie of the year award he gets 98 out of 101st place votes. He had 40 20 point games this season average in average and even 20 points per game, both of those statistics led all rookies this past season. Rob woodfork WTO sports. Still ahead tonight on WTO, we have President Biden announcing he's running for four more years. Former president Donald Trump debating whether he should skip some debates with fellow Republicans. Stay with us. Hiring the right talent is

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