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Them because he wanted to create the need aid for an independent counsel and it came back to bite him very very funny that he is now accused or at least possibly may have mishandled classified material after he investigated hillary clinton for exactly that i guess all well this is what kind of at is the people who would most like to celebrate this are the ones who can't celebrated it's the people who despise him for what he did during the election hillary clinton fans who now have to praise him for what he did during the trump administration this coin his flipped so many times his there's no keeping track of it but i'm pretty sure if your plane home game here democrat you now love james colmey so you can't go after and for being a hypocrite if you're a republican you now hey james comey and you have to go after him as a hypocrite but as you're just an objective american with a brain in your head he recognised that he's a hypocrite he is the 10minute throughout the this report is brought to you by lifelock at is still looking pretty tough fourth belly interloop in the crash just past dealings valley wrote on the left shoulder vietnamesebacked the charles but also do slovak forty in howard county right off of kleinworth richard lane effect on both ways crash enough for his mount area route twenty seven still shut down just both seventy a pen prefer police activity investigating a shooting in that area with identity theft what you can't see can hurt you but lifelock can actually see threats to your identity stuff you can miss by just monitoring your credit if something happens us based specialists will work to fix it go to lifelock dot com use promo code risk to save ten percent andrew wba fell tv eleven whether still 85 grievous cataclysms hun day speaking highs of.

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