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Thiss portion of the News watch, sponsored by PG and E. Upto Oakland for more KCBS traffic news. Kim Vestal has that foreskin? Well, it's a car fire in south bound 18 Oakland that is really jamming up the ride through downtown, a South bound 80, and they were getting calls from the KCBS phone forests. We're hearing from the ways Forces situation at Jackson Street. Three cars involved one vehicle reportedly and fire. The two left lanes are blocked and that back of extends to well before the 9 80 interchange. And we also have some backup too. In the north bound direction. 5 80 looks like a great alternate traffic isn't moving well in both directions. Eastbound westbound there and you're right out of Oakland on eastbound 24. We got slow and go. Approaching the call to Kat Tunnel, but no accidents to report for your ride there and across the bay in San Francisco, one of the worst commutes we've seen on North bound. What a one in quite some time. We didn't have a major accident. We did have some delayed roadwork into the afternoon and it back things up on North bound one on one. It's never recovered on the brakes still from before Cesar job is and it picks up speed once you get on the lower decks there But not completely until you're after the island, the biggest problem in the North based Petaluma the closure of Stage culture Road between Lakeville and Old Adobe because of an accident that sparked a fire. The most logical alternate Freytas road is jammed, but it's moving and P Jeannie telling, I would patrol that they expect the road will be shut down there until about three this morning. Next update 5 58 on the traffic leader, KCBS. Mincey needs sleep rolled. Six day forecasts were going to check it out with K p X five's Poul Hagen are nice stretch of weather will last a couple more days, but some changes on the way as we head into the first weekend in autumn. Tonight, we'll see the low cloud cover and followed, creeping back across the bay, even some mist or.

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