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Because we've heard that song before we haven't seen a out in real time. The lakers are going to be great either way because lebron a dr great. I just like that. I sit around with heels schreuder casey etc a little bit better than this one. What can we take a moment right now. Zach lowe with the new the new look zach lowe with the booth may he got looking real fresh right now. I just want to acknowledge you to that point but listen. Let me say this to you okay. First of all you might change. It changed the name right there the los angeles. Jefferson's okay because they're moving on up look and russell westbrook was huge and then makes them the favorite to come out of the western conference in my is that makes him the favourite to win the title. We keep talking about russell. Westbrook and his shotmaking sat take thing that we just keep paying this narrative about him but he's lead to league in assists three times throughout his career. He led the league in this last year when he was playing with a whole bunch of g. League guys one thing that we do notice that russell westbrook hasn't played with a big like anthony davis and if anthony davis can't commit to plan the center position and him in russell westbrook is in the role. You better watch the hell out because you don't know how to stop it. Secondly right who delayed just have one of our good friends phys there would it. They'll coastal it. Would the miami heat..

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