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Brought to you by rule the NBA. Tell? At this has gotta be. GotTa be a joke, right as they start to gear up and really get going. They've got to change the meal program. I think that it had to be one male for one play place I can't believe that any of the males. On a consistent basis looked like that it'd be one. It's not just sit look healthy that look like a healthy meal so whatever he was ordering. You know didn't look healthy at all, so I know that they're probably trying to get things that are all. Self contained. So you're not you know instead of instead of giving you an apple, you know. It's better to have a banana because opening it up I I think that, but I have no idea. I have no idea I haven't heard any. Of that? Jed besides the horrible food that we've seen circulate on social media. As a as a as a player yourself. Guys players whether in the League, or not, what would be your biggest concern about planning the bubble besides? Eating, a bad piece of shrimp. Well it would it would be. Dependent on my age. You know when I was like. Wanting to twenty-five. I wouldn't have any concerns because I didn't have any responsibility. I had no family I had no kids. A MOM and dad lived in New York I played in Sacramento Houston, I know they want and always possibility, but you know thirty year old. Kenny had a family. You know kids to mom and dad was frequently visited. My responsibilities change so I would have more thought classes. Like should I be down here like today. This Kenny's like Oh. I. Don't know about need to be in a bubble. You know what I'm saying, too many responsibilities so that that's where. I think it changes. Upon your responsibility when it's when it's only about you, you, you feel like you superman like nothing ever happened to me so I'm. Like but As as as you get older, you go man. I could affect so many other people. Kitty Smith joining us here on the morning show. Obviously, this is unprecedented that we had about three quarters of the season played. We're GONNA play a little bit. And then we jumped right into the playoffs with the teams that were the favorite prior to the quarantine. Still the favorites coming out of the coating. Is it still the Lakers box in the clippers are those still the teams to be as we restart. I would say that keeps the beat I. I would say that you know I. Remember after the start of the everyone's like man. This is about seventy eight hundred decade winning all. That's what it feels like to me. It's like. That season's over. Then you, you get three and a half months off of anything. That's a new season. So guys have come in to. Firstly, a players are really coming in now a second year players. Guys will come in the second year third and things of that Mr, so the experience they gotta have a different feel for the league when they come back in this in this after this quarantine, and it's really like a a once a month and a half point of it. This is that's what to me. It just feels like that's season's overt, and we got a month and a half tournament right now and we're gonNA. Do the best out of this corner. With with that being said though Kenny. These teams that. Those seven teams that we talked talked about the beginning of the year. They some of those seven teams at least four seven teams steel without the Kawais lebrons. The ADC honest, is that don't change, and as long as you got those dudes. It seems like you would have the edge. You, think about this. Big about not forget what what we what we remember. This say okay. We saw look at excite. How good when he'd be the next year. That's how he's been drop into this bubble. He's not dropping in that bubble. That Luca weeks remember. Say Okay. He was there. And now he got the spirits the next year. This is how he's going to look. That's three and a half months. Off Season for the NBA. He's coming back in his third year. He's not coming back. As a second year got John Eavesdropping in that bubble now? As second year player, he's not coming in as the rookie rookie of the year. He's coming as a guy who knows the league. And, coming in a second year, my my cookie here for my second year average I think both twelve points that's jumped to eighteen like Virginia's. This no stockton like to go here. Guys Peyton like do this. When you come, take a robot. You just know the League, so you can get your scoring. Your ability to score is just a little bit better, so those guys are coming back way different. I was told you is Cherry picking..

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