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Here's our top story. New this evening Phoenix police say they're looking for three suspects after allegedly robbing an Uber eats driver near baseline and twenty four th street. Police say the suspects robbed the victim at gunpoint and stole the victims car, they are looking for two men and a female if you have any information call police and dolphin airs closes indefinitely starting Friday following the death of a four fourth dolphin in the Scottsdale parks two year history. Spokeswoman Jen Smith says an expert panel is arriving the voluntary proactive measure by dolphin heiress while the team works to investigate potential factors that may have contributed to the death of golfing facilities. The panel will review habitats and animal welfare standards. Dolphin will send back two of the remaining four dolphins on loan from dolphin quest in Hawaii. And the man accused of sexually assaulting an incapacitated. Woman who leader gave birth has pleaded not guilty in America county. Superior courtroom. Nathan Sutherland is still in custody following his arrest after police smashed matched his DNA to the women's baby. Prosecutors say Sutherland was carrying for the patient and a healthcare when he assault when he assaulted her his her next court date is March nineteenth. Now, let's get a check on traffic. Live from the valley Chevy dealers traffic center, there is an accident in Chandler on price road at Waterloo bay road. There's also an accident on northbound I seventy nine pioneer roar road clear of that other than not your freeways are clear..

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