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After they've given you about living it's about moving on it's about not respecting colin kaepernick. Which none of us did. I'm just getting It is so good first of all. You are one of our favorite people to talk sports with because you are so deeply entrenched in the world and can hang and go toe to toe. Also rep a fan base. That like you're the only friend of ours. Who's like a huge indiana pacers and so that's always a joy so it always feels like it. Feels like an indulgence to be able to go talk to the thirty for thirty. Is it reggie in the garden waiting waiting time. You honestly ask her. She knew that. Because i couldn't remember the title of nurse can't see this. This is boomer with hugging a heart with my name on out just here but you do what i love about. It is that you do have a real to be a great sports fan. I felt you have to have such an eye for the specific and to be able to point out in the world of sports the bullshit of the of the world. And you do this so well in your up comedy as well. you're fantastic. Stand up for those who have not seen her do what she does a. We've seen you many times rush it. i can remember. I can ravelli room for lying up upstairs for tv taping at montreal watching you tape a tv set on a show that we were also on that you were fantastic. John door show. Yeah so that was really. That was the last montreal to do really really well. It's just. I'm so happy you're here. You hate dumb behavior and so do we. Let's get into a story to it. Yes who him by derek. L. man's at game design dude. You the man's what does he do for a living he's like i don't know man upstate. New york man spent hours trapped in his car. After a snowplow buried his vehicle under four feet of snow wall. Is he doing in there in the first place at arkansas. This is my answer from Right outside of niagara falls and this happens like my mom said she could walk out her second story bedroom on snowbank. Yes yes just walk right out and oj simpson. Was there waiting.

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