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Signed bears defensive coordinator Vic Fangio as their new head coach he's been in the league since nineteen eighty six where he started as a linebacker coach for the New Orleans Saints. And before that he he was defensive assistant for the Baltimore stars. Tell you what I'll bet I'll bet he would know. And I'll bet you just read that a Betty coached. And I'm going to ask him tomorrow. Sam mills. Remember, we talked about Sam mills. Yes. Saint's linebacker. Yep. But he's got some memories of the late Samuel is. He was there for eight years, the linebackers coach, and they that was Sam mills Rickey Jackson that that crew that linebacking crude during that time was regarded as the best linebacking crew in football. He went from that to the defensive coordinator for the Carolina Panthers. Ninety five ninety eight. And then DC for the colts DC for the Texans special assistant to the head coach for the ravens linebackers. Coach ravens DC for Stanford. DC for the Niners and DC for the bears. So he worked with he worked for both Harbaugh's, right? Because Jim would have been at Stanford at that point, John, John, obviously outweigh an San Francisco as well. So pretty pretty impressive resume tremendous defensive pedigree. And I remember hearing that he was a candidate for the forty Niners job. I believe when Harbaugh left they ended they hired Tom Soula, and they fired him a year later, but wasn't Fangio in the mix for that job. I think so I think he was too. And now we gets his paternity. I said good for him. I mean, I I mean, listen mo- most times when you make a coaching change in whatever NFL city you happen to live in. It's kind of an exciting time when the new coach's name because most people are optimistic. Most people will look at this and say, it's just sort of our nature to look at it and say, okay, let's see all the good. Things victim GIO is done. And I get that. I mean, they're not going to look at the fact that will okay. Why wasn't he he's never been a head coach before? And he's sixty years old. They don't look you tend to look at all the optimist. I mean, people in Arizona. I think cardinals fans both of them are saying, hey, you look at cliff Kingsbury look at his offense his offense of production with the Texas Tech red raiders. And why would he be able to get this offense? They don't look and say well, gosh, he's never been a head coach he has no NFL experience whatsoever. They don't look at that. They look at what allows them to feel good about that particular move. I had a buddy of mine from Chicago get ahold of me today football guy big big bears fan. And he said you're gonna love Vic Fangio. He said he is a no nonsense guy. And he said he opened every one of his press conferences talking about the Chicago Cubs. Just so, you know. And I must be big baseball fan might not play here. All that. He may have to switch to the Rockies. You know? Yeah. And he's from Pennsylvania. So he's kind of a mid western east coast kind of guy probably close to where not far from where you lived in Cleveland. So you know, you know, what kind of people come from that part of the country blue collar guys no-nonsense guys we have. An online what she's been waiting awhile. What's going on in? Hey, guys. How I am. I just curious. I think it's great, obviously, you know. Have identified the new coach? But what about the offensive line piece of it? What are what are your thoughts on that? The offense of line piece. Still to be determined. Mike Klis thought that there was a chance that Rick Dennison comes back because Gary kubiak is the officer coordinator and they've worked together for such a long time. I I'm more interested in sort of what the offense of line focus will be what's the what's the running game. Look like moving forward, and do they run what Gary has been really familiar with or do they now implement a few things that maybe Gary has picked up in the two years that he's not been in coaching. Right. I mean, is it a different running scheme? The Gary has been used to that. I mean time will tell on that. But I I've not heard a name other than Rick Dennison mentioned in terms of the offensive line. Coach Dave you mentioned the kubiak elects to run zone blocking offensive scheme. A little smaller little quicker, maybe more athletic offensive, lineman, certainly than what they played the last four or five games of the season where they had all tackles, basically and McGovern at center. So that it could be a a different look in line next year. No, I mean, I think it'll be a different look line. No matter what no matter what no matter. What? Okay. I mean. I'm not I'm not saying that everybody there is going to be unemployed. But I think that offensive line will look decisively different than what it looks like this year the way you talked about it. How would Vel dear fit into that? He's a gigantic. Right. I'm not sure I'm not sure that Jared Bill is coming back to play football. That was they might be done. That was the last thing. I heard that that he again good, dude. We had him on the show, Rick and Kathy out there. Three of us a couple of times. And I thought he did he did a pretty good job when he was healthy. He's become a brew master. I was told that he would at least contemplate up. Cleaned up and down. And that's it. Now, I thought about it last year. I mean not last year, but the the season for they signed him. He thought about retiring as well. And do you do do you have a particular interest in the office of line or you just wonder I do have a particular interest in office and line because I think that that's where the deficit is. Yeah. You're not no doubt about it. You're not alone. Jared build your mid thirty nine million dollars in his career. So if you did want to go be a home brewer shuttle little craft very back in Michigan where else home brewing kid is hit kits are he'd probably have some good seed money. How about he just buys them? Battled injuries the last two or three seasons. There comes a point in time where you loved to play. And you love the interaction with your teammates. What you don't love is having to rehab in the off season significant injuries to your body that require surgery, and then you got to. I mean, it's it is it's a grind to go through that he's been through a two or three different times. So I'm not saying it's definite. He will. But I heard from very good source that he at the very least was going to contemplate whether he wanted to continue playing. You wanna talk about this three three seven one three eighty five eighty five. We're talking about the Broncos new head coach Vic Fangio their new offensive coordinator, a familiar name, Gary kubiak, and we'll take your phone calls coming up on the other side John Morrissey, which.

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