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A stolen car on a suspended license. Okay that makes sense and was in possession of an unlicensed handgun. Okay getting a little worse a alive rattlesnake a canister of powdered yellow uranium in an open bottle of Kentucky Deluxe whiskey that that sounds about right went on getting up and I grabbed the cup of coughing. Ask the wife Sweetheart. Where's the rattlesnake the uranium and a bottle of Jim Bean? I don't even know what powdered your rain. I mean I know generally speaking uranium as it's like nuclear uglier stuff or powdered uranium out aware that that might that seems like he was going to maybe blowup something. I don't know I like Charlie specify the Kentucky Deluxe he didn't go. You didn't jump out. You know you got the locks you the deluxe. I wonder if I think he just he wanted to heighten the danger <music> so he threw a live rattlesnake in there just to Nick's things up. Listen when you're in a stolen car you have an unlicensed handgun and Arou snake and uranium. You need to take the edge off a little bit. You're in a high profile. Yes you do this this this this was this guy's form of meditating rattlesnake was like a very Buddhist zen symbol for him to calm down. I just wonder like I always wondered the contacts like married kids ex wife. Where was he coming from? Where was he going like? What what was the general will? He was clearly in some sort of rush because because he's stole the car for like what was his destination. Did he have the rare he needed. All of these four items was the rattlesnake in the car. I wonder if it was his so now that I think back that stolen well maybe it was the previous owners rattlesnake and a little anti-theft device yeah <hes> let's see they again with the reptile theme. There was a five foot long <music> alligator in Humboldt Park and Chicago which I don't think they're used to seeing. Hey listen. It's alligators. Five feet is really not that bad ed in Florida. I'm serious in Florida. You get some 10-footers. I know down in Central America. You can get some fifteen sixteen footers. A five foot alligator can do some damage. I'm sure Oh oh yeah yeah yeah I would. I would assume to foot alligator could do some damage. Have you heard the thing about the Meth gators do the what Meth gators <hes> apparently in Florida again Florida like if you gotta you gotTa particular hat off the Florida first of all will do you know about the thing that if you type it's a website. I guess are an APP or something a kid did this for me. If you put your birthday birthday 'em it'll come up with some weird crime or incident that took place specifically yes. I heard about this all about Florida while the met Gators I'll get back to the Chicago thing <hes> the Meth gators. These are from drug dealers now. This is according to law enforcement. I don't know how true says <hes> people flushing drugs down. The toilet are supposedly getting into the water stream in your kidneys. Methamphetamine gene addicted alligators which they call math gators again only in the great state of Florida which Catherine Quinn's brother Patrick win who runs life of data or one of the people who runs Lonzo said that was the title of news screenplay about gator. I'm Green Line..

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