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Nine yard drive with twenty seconds left here the city outlasting Detroit thirty four thirty they improve the Ford L. Patrick well home streak of throwing at least two touchdown passes ended at fourteen as he didn't even throw one but did engineer at that game winning drive in the final seconds get the city went ahead for the first time in a third would bershard really recovered carry on Johnson's fumble and returned it a hundred yards the other way my homes with twenty four forty two for three fifteen at this post game the whole message that I had the whole second half to die my teammates in the huddle was just be be who we are it's not about someone having to do something spectacular site about someone have to do any more than what the then themselves it's about believing in each other and just being who we are and then let everything kind of fall in line when you every father's footsteps find in whatever way is to win the football game that's how you roll this like it's not always that the touchdowns in the in the yard it's about just find a way to win and if that was running to the first down and I was handing the ball off when I read it back to work for me I mean I'm I'm gonna do that I mean and what you want to be great as a team and as as a players and Thomas how you win the game and so for me I'm single out there every single week and do whatever it takes to win in Stafford through to ninety one and three touchdowns and ran out of time for account or come back the lions suffer their first loss only we need to prove anything to anybody you know we love you know the way we practice we worked we come out and play you know we're good football team lost another good football team today they're a bunch of great plays made this game so bad place by each team in this game also it goes in a fellow came down the last fifteen seconds you know they're on the CD Cummins cancel we somebody's gonna have to lose obviously one one all home on was a good opportunity to be a good team and we're we're not close so that Casey DC writer for hundred forty seven yards one eighty six on the ground that's the area of this chief team that still concerns Tom Jackson they get a lot of credit for the. character to come back on the road and when a football game but when you think about the revamping of their defense that they did in the off season you haven't really seen that take a three wishing yet. today's win thirty four thirty typical of what they've done this year having to score a lot of points in order to win games and we want to be realistic I'm not so we got a lot of season left but everybody's looking at Kansas city and New England and comparing those two football teams and the difference between right now is the outstanding defense that the New England Patriots have with them speaking of those pads now finally the snap Alan.

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