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Want to drop the cynicism here for a bit. I want to talk. Seriously about Life after death. The reason why it's a topic that's close to me is because Um After I had my Third cancer about Was recovering and I was in a friend's house at the time, and I woke up. Really the morning. And of course, I was just getting over my surgeries and feeling, you know, kind of tired, sewing, exceptionally tired that day. So I figured I'd get up. Get a shower. Maybe get some breakfast to me. I'd feel better. Why gotta shower came in and my favorite breakfast was there on the table, waffles, waffles and sausage. That's one of my favorite breakfast. I just love a nice Judicial waffle. And even then, when I looked at the waffle, it made me feel ill. I didn't feel well and you know what to do. Next thing you know, I'm sitting in the room and I say that my friend I say I'm dying. He looks at me says what you talking about? I says I'm dying. I die. I know I'm dying. And he was. How do you know you're dying? I said, because I see a light in the room. And he said, What does that mean? I should call an ambulance now. I'm dying. So He calls an ambulance and I don't even recall the ambulance. All I remember was the bright light. I remember I wasn't gonna go to the light because I thought it was a trap. I just thought it's a trap. I'm not gonna go to the white. I'm not gonna do any of that. So next thing I remember. I'm waking up in a hospital. I'm lying on this. It's almost like this this moon bed. I don't know how to describe because I was floating on air. And I I didn't know where I was or what hospital I was in. The doctor looked at me and he says 00, you're alive. And I said yes. And he says we almost lost you, kid. I said, what happened? He said. You just had five Five of these pulmonary embolisms. You had five pulmonary embolisms Hitcher hit your heart. They spat out all over in your chest and your lungs. And I said, How big was the embolism pieces about the size of a pencil lead? I said to him, and it shot through it. It's something that small could have killed me. He goes. Oh, yeah, he says, you probably had a 4% chance of survival. And he says you survived, he says in luck would have it. This bed you're on is a bed we have for patients who who have blood clots, and he says it keeps them from clotting, he said. Your luck was that you were just down the street from this hospital and we rushed to the hospital. We saved your life. I thought, Wow, but all I remember was the was the light my friends that I was calling out to my mother. But, you know, my mother had passed away. And And so that was my experience. It was nothing. You know, lofty or I didn't meet God or I didn't. I didn't feel the love of the warm. I just knew that that light was there, and I knew that that light wanted me to come to it. And I said, I stopped myself and thought No. I don't think I'll go to this like is if I do a little light, I don't think I'll come back. We'll be going to come back and I want to go back to see if I give this a shot again and so You know, not remembering anything in that transition. I woke up in the hospital. That's basically my story of my near death or whatever experiences because the doctor said Yes, I was very close to dying, but see. Ever since then, I have seen too Have this uncanny knack and probably a better knack of of sensing what was coming or what's going to be happening. I've had these intuitive I've been more intuitive since my experience with cancer and my experience with Having this this life experience outside of my body, So I don't need a digital afterlife to understand that there may be something out there waiting for me. All that only thing I realize is that once I make that step into that light, I know that There's no turning back so beyond the scientific attempts, confirming the simulation of death or life or whatever, outside the simulation, we have to contend with loss of our loved ones, the loss of our lives. We're not. We can preserve their consciousness or find answers as to where they have gone. When they die, and many people have been seeking out mediums and other experts in parapsychology to give them comfort in dealing with loss of a loved one. In one such person is my guest tonight, Mike Anthony, who is the accidental star of a new and very well done documentary on Netflix, called Life. It's called surviving depths about life after death. It's based on the book of the same name by Leslie Kean. Kean, of course, wrote the book and actually appears in the series and speaks about The death of UFO researcher. But Hopkins, so I think this Syriza's a great job at investigating life after death Objectively on D I know it's hard to approach Objectively the thought of death because the subject absolutely everyone has a personal investment in this because someone has lost a loved one or someone has come close to dying and s O You know, Mike Anthony, I I found my I found myself in the show warming up to it because I noticed that he was.

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