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We got VIP here our podcast theater today and I'm GonNa turn the reins over to none other than Mr, Michael Moore who is going to be running the run a show here today also that the background is none of the rich heart we're actually at his base, which is bigger than life as he is larger than life, right? So Michael Not Take it from here. All right. Thank you. Rich Man it is. Just as Michael Board, and if pleasure be on a visionary and influences podcast day, we have the chairman of NSA national with us today and we've just finished up rockstar day literally, and we were here rich heart studios. So they also rich Casanovas in the room and he's turning the reins over little but we're GONNA go about kind of the what's the pass? The President? What's the future look like for the visionaries of speaking because we rich heart is speaker. Our Special Guest Day Barry is from from Florida and it is just absolutely amazing. Know what the marketplace is doing today and working with entrepreneurs and business owners and thought leaders, we're GONNA get some percents perceptions and and produce we. We can pull the curtain back on the future just a little bit today about what's going to happen so much banter coming up from Florida and being experts. You are talked a little bit about the process you've been going through and how did you get to this place other than being wgst rockstar years ago you're back to land. The. Well. Michael Thank you. Thank you. So it's a pleasure to be here. We are sitting in the future of speaking in these studios were sitting in a beautiful podcasts theater. There's a podcast studio. There's another studio that has multifunctional ability for video for live streaming. That's the future of speaking speaking on a stage getting on an airplane going gig to Gig while that will still be part of our future. It will not be in my opinion, the predominant part of our future it's going to. Be, a hybrid because one of the things that happened is this format has allowed us to create value without having to have physical presence. Now a bit about how I got here. I, I grew up in rural. Georgia went to college in Georgia, very fortunate to get involved in running a business early in life and had success in that, and then in Florida in that business being able to transition into a community leader serve time a college president I served three governors served Tom how'd That may be a story we don't want to go into. Every college president listening to this is saying yes. I know exactly what he's. So here's the key when when a person becomes a new college president, you're taught that you prepare three envelopes and you tell your successor. When you hit your first difficult spot open the first envelope you opened the first envelope and it says blame the academic dean. When you get your next tough spot, you open the second envelope blame the board of directors. When you hit your third tough spot open the third envelope in it reads prepare three envelopes. House. So, and then I served in administration of three governors as their appointed oversee private higher education in Florida and I was elected three terms as chairman of the Board for twenty, five years..

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