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And look, we have to start with went on with Boston Bruins. And as many have reported and I'll use the word debacle calamity, if you will, whatever. I watched cam Neely and I'm sure you saw it to yesterday's media availability work recording here on Tuesday. Man, he looked like he hadn't slept in a month, right? Like he looked like this had been weighing on him, which it obviously has, because the public backlash, most importantly, the fan backlash of the Boston Bruins was significant. But so many questions in how this scenario with Mitchell Miller was handled or mishandled. You know, for me, a couple of things that jumped off the page, I thought cam was genuine in saying in answering questions to why they didn't reach out to the Meyer crothers family at any point. Why not? You know, and then apologizing to Isaiah and the family. I thought that that was legit. I thought that that was heartfelt. But then he reminds us that they've been working on this file since August. And they don't get around to talking to Batman in the National Hockey League until last week. That is a hockey operations fail for me. Like if you go to Batman because you think this kid is a decent hockey player, which by all accounts, it appears that he is. And you say commissioner, what does Mitchell Miller need to do that he hasn't already done? Do you not get the road map first before you engage? And then push it forward to a point where now you have to tell the commissioner and the league goes, sorry, he's ineligible and here comes the wave of backlash. Well, I think there's a step even before that. The first step for me is that Miller was drafted by Arizona. And then, of course, Arizona renounced the pick. So the first step to me would be dawn Sweeney or, you know, I'm using dawn Sweeney because he's a general manager as the point man to call Bill Armstrong in Arizona and say, hey, we're looking at this kid.

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