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Five seventy K ally. We got a nation with a lot of very screwed up people. I mean, there's just no question about it. A lot of unhappy people. I don't even know if it's unhappy. I b because a lot of I think a lot of these people who go out and commit these kind of crimes. I honestly think they'd do it because that's what makes them happy. I think they feel they feel this sense of satisfaction. Nobody could tell them anything. They put you in your place that goes back again to them being unhappy. Yeah. Well, but you'll never convince them that these are the people who've smirk when you take them into court. You wouldn't convince them that? They're obviously, severely depressed or whatever. Whatever their reasons. Why is it like that? Why? And we don't know anything about this could be crazy guy talk in general. Yeah. This could be a guy who's going after a former girlfriend or boyfriend who knows what it is. So we don't know. But I've just in general, why do we have because we have always had a lot of people in this country who have had negative ads there. They've got negative attitudes. They got problems there miserable. We've had poor people. We've had wealthy p we've had everything. Why? Now is it that everybody decides that the way they're going to act out the way they're going to get even with society is to do this kind of thing. I think it's honestly one of those things where before Columbine even though I know what happened in Pearl Mississippi was before that wasn't nearly as biggest Columbine. Oh, you just didn't know it was an option. It just wasn't even in your realm of comprehension that you could get back at somebody. A door was open door was open. I know that actually has I think there's relevance gentleman. I used to talk to all the time right after nine eleven Tony Cooper. He's a terrorist Burt. And I remember him saying the biggest concern that he had with nine eleven was it was a terrorist act. And he was afraid that it now revealed itself to be something that others would look at with admiration say we can top that. Oh, look now there is no limitation on what we can do. Sure. Now, we can jump in and play with the big boys type of thing. Yeah. Because once again, I think it. You didn't know you could kind of do that with a plane. It's one of those things that yes, you see we all knew you could crash a plane, but we didn't know you could cause so much damage so much destruction to one country. Yeah. With just a few planes. Yeah. That's what's shocking. It used to be that win plane was hijacked, and we found this out. Of course, a lot in the sixty seventy it used to be the hijacking to Cuba back in the sixties in the seventies. And then in the eighties. We had terrorist hijacking, but nobody feared for their life for the most part. Although one navy diver did lose his life and they singled him out because he was an American military member. But most of these people knew that this was an attempt to release other people who've been incarcerated as terrorists. So it's going to be well, we're gonna take your people until you give us back hours type of thing. So people knew what to do nine eleven, of course, change that. And I think you're right. I think Columbine was the key on all of this before that you didn't find there to be mass shootings taking place and really you haven't seen a y- overtime. You have maybe one a year. But in the last few years, we've been seeing more and more of these than I, you know, I keep sitting back, and this is why people get so frustrated and say stupid things like they're blaming the NRA and they're blaming gun. Owners. They're blaming the second amendment. They do this because there is no answer to this. And everybody wants everything to be simple. Like, they see on TV where everything can be solved in a soundbite. I think also you look at the glorification of those two kids in Columbine documentaries that were made and people praising them, obviously. But just like I said Michael Moore's documentary that came out was a bowling for Columbine. Now, just the twenty four seven coverage of that town. I feel like I know more about that town that I do my hometown. Yeah. And it's just it that opened the floodgates to. I think a lot of kids or a lot of people. And then you just you just take that to the next level. So I can just go in and shoot go into school and shoot people. I can go into an office and just shoot people and go to a hospital and shoot people coverage or get even. Yeah. Here you would hear stories about the guy went I'm going to take out the girlfriend, if I can't have nobody's going to get you know, that kind of thing, but he wouldn't take out everybody. Now, they take out everybody. No matter what it is. They just start shooting. And and I would like to know if there if there's ever going to be a discussion about what has made. The mental screws come loose in so many seemingly so many people. I also go back to the twenty four seven coverage. So you know, you have that sniper at the tower at university of Texas. So why wasn't that the gateway? Yeah. I don't think that was the gateway because media wasn't what it was by the time. What was that little ten app and in one thousand nine hundred ninety six ninety nine ninety nine I don't you go back to Texas tower shooting. I think people were so appalled by that. Sure. Because of the time in which we live there was certainly violence in the country. Nobody questioned that. Yeah. Never had anything happen. Like that before that I could find in history. And the people knew about that was taught I guess in popular history. But I think people were just appalled by that. I don't think that was a recognition. He wasn't glorified. In other words. He was he was called the crazy guy was arguing that back. Then you had the five thirty news yet your local at five five thirty and that was kind of the end of it. They may have talked about the next day. But it wasn't this continuous coverage of the Texas university of Texas massacre. Whatever you wanna call it. And that's what I think was different by the time. We got to Columbine twenty four seven news networks were up and running. Yeah. And here we go. They they didn't even have a swat team back that no she's the security guard got it. Yeah. And so people people were showing up they're hearing about it on the radio and people are showing up with their hunting rifles firing up at the guy. It's different I know different times. But you know, what good for them get plenty of people who wanted to get involved. But I okay. So we don't know what. What's going on? You got a possible shooting in Chicago taking place at a hospital CNN is reporting that there are multiple casualties. But I I don't have any more detail than that at the moment. Once again, it comes back to what is the driving force behind this type of thing taking place each individual. That has lived and tells their story has a different one. But there does seem to be a common thread, and that is there early and aided from society. And gee, I wonder how that happened. I one Pearl Mississippi second one ninety nine Columbine. Let's see what happened about that time. Oh, that's right. The internet became very popular. Listen, you take away. I'm not blaming the internet. Suddenly, there's all this new open. The door is open now information truth if two things I think you, and I would maybe support taking away certainly support taking away social media in that tomorrow. I think everybody's happier. Life would be better take away twenty four hour. News networks, I think people are happier. Yeah. Are worth nothing else. Take away the idiot talk shows on those down on those networks that will free. And here's why here's the difference between this show and though shod limit. Yeah. Well, anybody. They will harp on the same one sub. They got an hour to fill. I can do an hour. Standing on my head anymore on can do an hour talk show on television. They talk about the same subject matter over and over and over and over and over again and over and over again and then over and over and as we go week by week by week. And that's what has made people paranoid to think that every time their kids walk out the front door. They're gonna get kidnapped and murdered. These shows are not doing anybody any good. And they're certainly not presenting an accurate picture of things. We talk about CHAD'S cabin for God's sakes. Glorious weekend there again, I don't wanna hear it right now. There's gotta at some point be a reasonable conversation. And you're not gonna get it on CNN. You're not going to get it on FOX. You're not gonna get it. In these television networks, they're not there to educate you they are there to sell soap. This is going to have to be something that people are going to have to determine for themselves, and they're going to have to start rejecting that nonsense. But I guarantee you take the guy the guy who sent out the bombs a few weeks ago. I I got so much to say, but don't go anywhere. We gotta continue this coming up you can easily. Listen.

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