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Loves them. Valentina is fine lauren. murphy is at in october. Hor september. October is that at this zydeco main event to ortega vulcanology. Wait a minute yes. September september in the nick shows right before also five. Oh my god. No kevin joined about that but yeah i would say valentina. If is he gets through. Robert whitaker which is by no means. An easy tasks is there. Anyone who won twenty one eighty five four zero one at one eighty five for either of man honestly outside of each other. You know i think the clear cut. The clear are the best. They are clearly one eight one. Beat me if they'd fight ten times. That could be five and five. I picked up against it. Well you know. Hey shots get up there. Let's see again i have. There's been a few questions about sean strickland performance in the chat in. Hey man sean. Strickland fights is era whitaker. That'd just be a fun fight. Don't don't know if he wins but he's gonna talk a lot and so but is not going to get an is. He's headed all he's not he's not gonna put up with that right and robin williams. Just gonna laugh at him just like seven. I know you don't want to defend his title. But do you think he could did. He has the potential to. It's such a tough division but law. He could he very well could. But it's just it's it's one of those things where every feels like a coin flip at some point like it. Just anything can happen. you know. it's just that mentality go off of that. I can't find the question i'm losing. The questions are coming. Allow faster than they were at the beginning. Perfect there is who get this one out of here. Why do you think high state fights finished so quickly is related to high pressure. Example and chris wiedeman joe's aldo conor mcgregor and most recently patricia. Pit bull edgy from to curl man ninety one. So we do see a lot of fights that are build up in this big exorbitant fashion. Uc puts the pr machine behind it and one's the last time the uc is build up. This big mega fight that ended being like a fight of the year. Oh wow or like an insane fight like you can even like a man news. Rhonda that was lightning-quick. Like a man unisom usa tate was lightning-quick aldo mcgregor eddie alvarez mcgregor. I know that was the second round but it was still like that. That could that eighty one zero seconds to that fight like he's piece them up on sonya robert whitaker like again that was built up to be the big the big middle fight. We just saw sand hagen. Dillashaw i guess under the title fights and stuff. Yeah that'd be like a tier be high stakes by a yeah gas madison. Yeah round the my. But the problem with our vows for an inch title and i felt like the ufc was not getting behind that because the main event was for like the light. That was komen for ago that was entitled. Oh like like like yeah. Like and also dustin wasn't the man yet remember only reason they got. They made that they wanted tony. Habib habib be taken time off and then they said tony fight dust and for the title and he said no and so they gave it a mac so that was like their third option. That wasn't even their first option. Was that the greatest fight card. Ever maybe as allies best main coleman one two punch. I can remember in a long time. But you guys aren't wrong about thou evenly habib pori. Those what second round submission third third second second and third round like it's rough. It's rough. I don't think it's high pressure or anything. These are also like the best fighters in the world fight so anything can happen. I think we were spoiled by the gop era where resolve control out of control. Say exciting in its own way. I always thought. But i do remember at the time. Just probably stay still. I guess a lot of black for his style but the first The first anderson silva chris wiedeman fight obviously ended fifth round submission. But she'll send them so. You said sony. Sonia civil salmon that fight end so that was a big one I mean john. Jones is john guston was dominating race but i mean yeah over how hyper those fights compare compared to civil wiedeman. All mcgregor bit bulky. Yeah i don't know. I don't know there's a bit of of of Confirmation by figueredo merano. Oh yeah thousand just to gauge you and tony ferguson. I know that was. I think a lot of people. Assume just engage. You would be a harder fight for habib tony at the time anyway. So that was more. Like let's see how he does against tony for the title and i am so happy that happen in an empty arena. The first cormet jones fight went Went went five rounds right. Yeah but that was a very competitive but it was a high i mean. It was a highly highly hyped fight. Sultan veterans says. I think vol for sure. I don't think he i don't think he beat holloway but he's a great fighter in champ worthy. I liked vault for sure. So is i don't know if you're saying like bulk have a long reign but check out our rankings. People check out. If you're if you i was gonna rankings by the way was just just came updated today and you can. You can see what we think of. vulcan ask what we think of of holloway and aj. I don't vote on the rankings. Ak does you can go see how. They played out. Alex's volkan ascii or holloway your number one featherweight vulcanology. Yeah mine too. But i just i put him there. Because he's the champion if a lotta people view it as talent wise. And i'd like i think this poison most talented light within the world that still ring chelsea lavar above him because he has big belt. Buckle is neither here nor there anyway. I'm going to bring this up. Because i want to correct this man. This a dual abdulaziz. I can't pronounce. I'm not even try and pronounce. I apologized is practically drowsy. Aj versus max or horiguchi versus marino and fight. Why read this question completely wrong. I must've been really tired. 's interest question anyway. So i'm taking it back. I i thought. Because i see the max they. I was so tired when i was pulling up. Because it's so early. I thought it was. Would you rather see. Aj verses horiguchi. Or that doesn't make any sense. But edgy max or horiguchi versus marino cross. Promotional fight.

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