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And ant will walk, it's basically getting started with NFTs. He'll walk you through it. Bless you so much. I really appreciate all your help. My pleasure and bless you, I like what you're doing with the conscious planet dot org. That's great. It's all about it's all about vegan. Yeah. Well, that's another sustainability also is energy usage, right? Absolutely. Yeah, and so but you know being vegan is the most powerful statement towards sustainability in my opinion. I completely agree with you. If I could do it, I would. It's easier now than ever before. That's true. That's true. For 40 years, do you have it? Do you have a company where I could get consultation though? No, this is it. You're getting the consultation right here. I don't do any I don't have time to do anything else. But I do wish you luck, and I am believe me. If I could be vegan, I would, I'm going to work on it. My wife and I both want to do that. Absolutely. All right, well, you could give me a shout out sometime about doing it. Thank you. Thank you, Neil. Dot org. Thank you. Yeah, you just, I'll put a link in the show notes. You just got a nice big plug on the radio. Bless you so much. Thank you, Neil. Take care. Bye bye. Leo Laporte, the tech guy. On average, a minting, a creation of an Ethereum based NFT, which stands for non fungible token. If you've not heard the term bless you. It's all over the place. And it's highly promoted as is cryptocurrency. It's highly promoted by people who stand to make money from it in my opinion. And of course, the crypto Bros hate it when I say that, because they have this vision, well, some of them have this vision of a brand spanking new world where I don't know what, something, something something blockchain. There's also a much, I think, a much larger group of them who say, but wait, I haven't sold my NFT yet..

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